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What should parents do when a teenager becomes unmanageable

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 08:10 | Категорія: Youth | Переглядів: 169   
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Everyone knows that a teenager once "fighting off the hands" becomes unmanageable, rude, has been sassing his elders. The best psychologists give great advice, but each family is unhappy in its own way. Main rules given below can be called "the Rules of the open palm", most versatile, suitable for most cases with uncontrollable teenagers.
Patience, patience and more patience a hundred times!

Better to remain silent than to throw out their emotions in the face of the boy, and then regret it. At least cover his mouth with plaster, if you must. And the conversation move to a different time, when cools off a bit and gather my thoughts.
Never create a situation of "I — head, you — fool"

The child must be your friend or "little brother", but (important!) not boyfriend. This is a very fine line, deviation to one side or the other may alienate a child's heart and close it for you.
Explain to the child their actions

After all, when you're trying to protect a teenager and not allowed to walk at night, he thinks, that parents are not doing this because of his suspiciousness and excitement for him, but because they want to command. He has not yet learned to worry about someone, so do not expect that he "himself should all understand it!" Just calmly explain your concerns, as if waiting for his sympathy and understanding.
Never compare your child with other children

Never compare your one and only child with other children. He knows the neighborhood "obedient" son smokes on the sly, hiding from parents, and a student from class is a terrible sneak. The perfect no children.

And most importantly is a loving teenager with a whole heart, without reservation, simply because it is yours. To remember their love even when I want to pick up the belt or burn with shame at class meetings. And not to forget to talk about this love-child that he knew about her and felt her always.
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