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How to care for sensitive skin

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 18:29 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 116   
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There is a whole mass cosmetics - both purchased and home - that promise magical beauty and radiance of your skin. However, if it is sensitive, as most of these miracle elixirs can safely forget. The reasons for the inadequate response of the skin can be set: the long wrong facials, lack of concern for the person or health problems. What would have happened tseho, care for sensitive skin need special.

Do not pursue cosmetics

First of all, we should say that the expression on sensitive skin can be very diverse, frequent irritation, redness individual sections, rash, scaling or dryness. Often they are unstable in nature - they are provocateurs weather conditions (excessive heat or cold), domestic abuse or inappropriate cosmetics that weaken the already injured skin. Therefore, if you are faced with similar symptoms, limit the number of used cosmetics.

Choose the appropriate makeup

As parenting begins with properly elected pope and skin care starts with properly selected cosmetics. Phenomenal healing pills here, because no other type of skin is protected from sensitivity. However, if your skin is prone to rashes, use tools which have a bactericidal substance to redness - a means of soothing substances type chamomile or other herbs, as if to dry - then choose a greasy cosmetics with vitamins K, A and E . Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine whether you fit means if you do not try to apply it to yourself. However, if after washing you feel any discomfort, the best way to change.

Properly clean your skin

Cleaning sensitive skin requires special treatment. Thus, the subject of excessive exposure cleaners can not. In the cold season, not to deprive the epidermis pryrodnohyi protective film, which is produced sebaceous glands, try to wash only once - in the evening. In summer, when the skin requires more frequent washing, use tonic, and buying them is not necessary. You can easily make a tonic at home, a half-diluted with water and the juice of half a lemon added there teaspoon of glycerin. If your skin is prone to rashes, add few drops of tonic prepared tinctures of calendula. After cooking tonic should be refrigerated, but not more than one month.

Properly moisturize skin

Moisturize - not less important stage of skin care after cleaning. This is perfect for any cream, appropriate type and individual needs of your skin. Avoid is only of cosmetic products, which include fruit acids, and natural products containing berry fruit that absolutely can not be used in the composition of moisturizing masks. Most cosmetologists are advised to use hypoallergenic creams labeled for sensitive skin and UV filter. Night cream should be used only in rare cases where you feel a sense of tightness. At other times it is better to allow your skin to breathe and recover on their own.

Properly live skin

Additional sources of nutrients need any skin and sensitive - twice. Here you will come to the rescue hydrating mask, but their ingredients must be chosen carefully. Yes, you can forget about Sil'na sour grapes and start to prefer a banana, persimmon, apricot, pumpkin, carrots and raw potatoes. It is best to mix them with milk, egg yolk, cheese or vegetable oil. However, remember that after applying the mask should cover the film, otherwise it will dry out and cause further irritation. Rinse the mask as the wash, you only need a little warm water.

Strengthen health

Surprisingly, very often the cause of all sorts of manifestations in the skin are strain and nerve disorders. So think not only about the external skin care, but also about their health - engage in sports, zahartovuytes and eat properly.

Follow our advice - and your skin will be flawless. Note: sensitive skin - not a sentence. Just need to work on it a little longer.

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