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How to choose a bag

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 18:23 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 106   
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There is not a surprising enhancement than handbags. It can not only beneficial to highlight your outfit and add the image, but also hide figure flaws. As? This day we will tell.

Remember the basic rules

In general, to choose the right bag, nothing complicated there. Just remember, the bigger your figure, the greater must be the case, and its form should create a contrast with your figure.

If you are high and slim, do not choose a short handle

Slim woman high contraindicated bag with short handles - they are more visually stretched silhouette. Balance the proportions of the figures will help large bags and backpacks rounded crescent-shaped handle on one. Try to keep their width was greater length.

If you are low and fragile, avoid large bags

Tip for low and fragile girls, if you do not want on your background accessory Thumbelina look, do not carry bulky bags and not to hide your height, forget too wide bags or models with long handles. Your option - a medium-sized bag on a short handle.

If you have large breasts and wide shoulders, wear clutch

If you are a woman with broad shoulders and large breasts, in any case do not carry a bag with short handles, which will focus on the areas of your body bulk. It is better to stop your choice on clutches and bags with long handles.

If you have pear-shaped figure, carry bags short handle

If the places where excess fat you have - your stomach and hips, choose a small bag length with short handles. If you wear this bag on your shoulder, it takes attention away from your problem areas on the upper body. You can also wear a three-dimensional model, big bags and clutches medium size, but of bags, preferably babies abandoned.

If you are plump, carry large bags

Plump ladies wear very desirable small bags - they only emphasize the volumes figures that they want to hide. But such women bags is also not fit. Your accessories - a model of medium size rectangular or elongated.

That's all. Just remember a few of our suggestions - and turn their weaknesses into advantages, favorably while stressing its beauty.

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