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How to win stretch

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 13:26 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 90   
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Oh, heavy fate female ... should we just give birth gain weight or for other reasons, as they appear here - stretch. The dangers to health are not stretching, but they alone - a huge blow to the female psyche. To learn how to tell them "not goodbye, but farewell" we will tell you today.


Correctly say we - what we eat. Complex procedures to get rid of stretch marks should start with proper nutrition. To improve skin elasticity, add to your diet seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts, lots of greens and vegetable oil. A sufficient amount of fluid will significantly increase its elasticity.

Use cosmetics

The second stage on the way to the body without stretch marks - properly selected cosmetics. Yes, herbal extracts and collagen perfectly moisturize skin and oils - olive, flaxseed and almond - due to their capacity in vitamin E, which is responsible for skin regeneration, help get rid of stretch marks on the buttocks, thighs and chest. In addition to oil should build on skin type. So, the best solution for dry skin will be a mixture of equal parts of oil from sprouted wheat and almond oil and fat is more appropriate for almond oil in its pure form. A significant effect can be achieved by using essential oils, the best of which - rosewood oil, lemon and orange. Just add a few drops of vegetable oil or ether oil solution of vitamin E - and massaging this lineup lubricate zone stretching. Alternatively, you can also use oil of neroli, rose hips, petithreyna and rosemary.

To do massages and wraps

The procedure wraps and massage will help you to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Wraps will be more effective if done before the start of anti-cellulite massage. If you're going to do this procedure yourself at home, use cosmetics that contain collagen, lanolin, cocoa butter and elastin. These ingredients promote cell regeneration and helps to eliminate stretch marks.

Attend salons

In beauty salons there are a number of procedures that help get rid of stretch marks. Often, for this purpose, mud, algae and gels. Very popular and hardware methods of getting rid of stretch marks, using laser and ultrasound mesotherapy correction.

Well, now the great mystery rid of stretch marks is not a secret for you. Just be beautiful and loved!

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