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How to lose weight in oatmeal

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 13:23 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 109   
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No wonder ovsyanka for many generations is the favorite dish of the British. It is considered one of the best options for a healthy breakfast in the world. And the best option for mono-diet you just do not find. It will help you not only become easier to 7 kilos, but also improve health. As?

Identify benefits

The benefits of oatmeal diet there is more than enough. To begin with, Hercules - a cereal received a special way in the processing of grain oats. In terms of nutrition, oatmeal - nizkokaloriynyy product high in fiber and a variety of almost all the body needs vitamins and minerals. Therefore, oatmeal manages to perfectly satisfy hunger, cleanse the body and reduce cholesterol.

Use oatmeal not only during diets

The benefits of oatmeal can bring not only during the oatmeal diet. Fasting days on oatmeal porridge is recommended even in between other diets - so you can lose weight and improve their health.

Remember efficiency

Today diets based on oatmeal extremely popular. Still! With the severity of these diets are divided into two types: hard and forgiving. So, in the first case in a week, you can easily lose 7 kilograms. This is not surprising, because cooked in water without the addition of milk, butter, salt and sugar porridge 100 grams contains only 84 calories.

Cook porridge correctly

In the oatmeal diet is the main key to success - properly cooked porridge. Thus, it should cook only water and milk in her add strictly prohibited. Prohibited and all kinds of additives like sugar, oil and salt. You do not necessarily cook porridge: just just over 10 minutes zaparyuvaty flakes with hot water, covered tightly adjoining cover. This way you can to preserve the beneficial properties of the flakes.

Strictly diet

First, remember that before you start kind of diet, you should consult a dietitian. But if you are determined to go on a diet oatmeal, write me. During the week, you can eat only oatmeal and drink it only green tea or herbal infusions seems hips, containing vitamin C. On the fourth day after, right before the end of the diet in the daily diet can add one apple. And the main condition: all week dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime. A similar rule is desirable to follow and after the diet.

If you want to be slim and healthy? Light! The main thing - to lose weight properly. And this porridge will become your most loyal assistant.

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