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The mystery of the little black dress. 3 cases and one dress

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 13:16 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 93   
Watch the video at the end of the article
Inventing the idea of ​​the little black dress, Coco Chanel and thought she could not, as a unique and irreplaceable piece of clothing it becomes a modern woman. 3 images - and one dress. As? This is what we tell you today.

The image of the premiere

Cinema, theater, friendly party? The little black dress will be a great solution for any social events ... if you add a strict jacket, of course. Laconic and timeless elegance as the legendary Coco Chanel dress. Try to join the Parisian coquette style: forget about ryushy, frills and flounces. As for shoes, it is best to prefer boots or shoes with classic heels. Focus your winning image will help add exactly matched accessories - say, clutch or thread large beads. That's it - elegant young lady ready for publication!

The image at the disco

Going to the disco, do not forget to bring along a favorite black dress. Yes, yes, you heard right. With it you can easily become the queen of disco, important to choose the right parts. Knitted breeches wait safely away in the closet until winter comes and you can not get them to the rink or walk along the snowy park. A cabinet of reach for the following: the bottom - latex leggings or nylon top - a short jacket, vest with metallic fabric or jeans, and the feet - boots with buckles or shoes with high heels. With all clothing. Now we have to add just strap varnish, metal beads and appropriate makeup. And Hyde conquer the dance floor!

The image to the grandmother

Lunch with family - it was a case where the image-girls share useful than ever. And whether it's a trip to grandma, meeting with parents or loved hiking the exam - no one will be no doubt in your modesty and sense of style. Just take your favorite black dress, put it under her blouse (beige, blue, violet, for fans of emo style - pink) or turtleneck. Hue tights must fully match the top tone and bright tone belt - the tone of the rim on the hair. Although perfect and simple hairstyle without rim. Just add a gentle make-up - and share-girl image is ready.

This same outfit ... This different ... In fact, you are a genius. A little knowledge and a lot of imagination - and you style icon!

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