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How to learn stylish tie a scarf

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 08:11 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 97   
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Historically, the scarf is third in the list after the women's accessories handbags and shoes. But style scarf is not a color and style as the ability to properly tie. This we are you and teach.


You are a fan of simplicity? Then take a long scarf, let down his back, crossing at the back, and come down loose ends down. This option can be quite a focus of your image. But in this case accessory to choose bright or prints.

Great cabinets

Do not know how to tie a scarf today? If your accessory width exceeding 30 cm, your option - collar, but in a good way. In this case, you need to throw a scarf across his neck, and then the end of the same length perehrestyty chest so that the folds of the scarf went ahead surround collar. Then again rewound back both ends and tuck them under the scarf behind your neck. Such a method of tying a scarf today extremely popular among European fashionistas.

The good old classic

Another method used to tie a long scarf beautiful and stylish - make a knot in a loop. He has long been a classic, but is still at the peak of popularity. Just fold in half and long scarf Throw it on the neck, and then skip the loop loose ends.

Solid Scarves tie knot

In fact to light scarf striped volume and shape of a snap. Simply roll it into a tight plait, put it around your neck and tie a regular knot with one hand. That bright scarves are ideal gloves. But the lover blouses with a collar best solution would be a scarf tied in a cowboy unit. For this Throw a scarf around his neck, caught the end of Flip forward, crossing their tails and tie a simple knot so that they freely while hanging.

Used as a belt

The new trend of world fashion - to use a scarf instead of a belt. It is perfect for wide-colored pants or skirts pencil. To make such a zone should extend a scarf through belt loops, tie a knot on the side and end leave dangle from the hip.

Surprisingly, normal scarf, but how bright fashion choices! Do not be afraid to experiment and be unique! Do not follow fashion - create it yourself!

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