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How to do facial massage

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 08:08 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 112   
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What could be more pleasant massage?! Perhaps this is perhaps the most basic level of beauty treatments. A massage of the face and say nothing: it will help you not only relieve swelling eyelids and improve blood circulation, but also increase the tone of the skin, making it supple and elastic. The most pleasant news is that you do not need to search specialists - at a cost of 5-7 minutes, you can make quite a facial massage yourself. But how to do self-massage correctly and nuances that you definitely need to know at the same time, we will tell you today.

Consider "Taboo" - Use the "Light Version"

There are several major contraindications for such massage ignore that simply can not. So, if your face is any inflammation and pustules, as well as with increased growth of facial hair massage should be abandoned. But do not despair: not so bad! It appears, in fact, "light version" of self-massage every time we do, wipe the skin tonic or putting cream. In the presence of contraindications try to limit these procedures. But there are some nuances: Your movements should follow along the lines of skin and not be too strong.

Choose the correct trajectory

The basis of good self-massage - massage skin following the correct lines. This science requires a separate discussion. Thus, during a massage the forehead should move from the middle of the forehead to the temples, the nose - from nose to the tip and then to ears, chin - from the middle ear lobes to the lower jaw, cheeks - towards the ears. A little more complicated is the case with massage eyes. Thus, the need to keep their fingers on the lower and upper age, and in the first case you need to move from the outer corner to the inner, and the second - on the contrary.

Prepare a face

Before starting the massage, it is hard to prepare their face. To this end, good clean face and apply a nourishing cream him. Then blot the face with a napkin and wait until the cream absorbed into the skin.

Increase efficiency oils

Despite the fact that self-massage itself gives excellent results, its effectiveness can be increased further by using a conventional essential oils you want to rub between the hands. Alternatively, beauticians recommend without applying foundation just wet the face with water.

Do massage correctly

Start self-massage of the face and forehead gradually Navigate to the bottom of it. Your movements can be very diverse - a circular motion, stroking, tingling - but remember that you need to do it very quickly and carefully. You can help your skin just relax easily popleskavshy on it.

Choose the right time

To the effect of the massage was noticeable, it must do every day. The best time for this is morning and evening after washing day makeup.

How hard to be a woman! But our beauty is of little details that create our flourishing image. And facial massage here - not the last thing!

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