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How to combine boots

Розміщено : 17-09-2016, 09:42 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 92   
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Probably not find a more spectacular shoes than boots. Many girls at other options autumn and winter shoes did not even look. Today we tell you how to combine things with this kind of shoes and avoid mistakes.

Wear boots with dresses

Well look boots with dresses. Better in this case to choose a model with a round toe and a wide holenyschem. The dress has a slightly cover your shoes or be slightly above them. If between dress and boots still prominent part of your foot, it makes sense to wear opaque colored tights without drawing. If you are bold and brave girl, wearing boots with a short, but nevertheless closed and shy dress.

Correctly pick skirt

Quite a combination of strict rules boots with skirts. Yes, quite blatantly vulgar and they look with skirts short, especially tight. And with long skirts they fit perfectly. Ideal middle option - the bell-skirt to the knees or straight skirt just above the knee.

Dress jeans-skinny

Lovers should choose jeans skinny jeans. For other shoes are best left or tight pants straight jeans. It is not the place to be trousers, breeches and wide pants or jeans. But in army style boots with narrow jeans fit perfectly, especially if you add to it a coat or jacket in military style

By graceful figure trim leggings

If you can boast elegant figure, boldly wear boots with leggings, but the best complement them with something long - cardigan, jacket or sweater. However, remember that the boots and leggings should be the same color.

Wear clothes in Sapohiv

All clothes except a coat and feather jackets, boots combine with can. The best choice trench coat, a short fitted or, conversely long coat or fur coat. Outerwear may as above be shaved and close part of your boot. However, the distance between the outer clothing and boots should not exceed ten centimeters.

Remember the things that do not fit

Like all things, boots combined with something, and something not. Yes, absolutely tasteless they look with shorts. Do not wear boots with wide jeans model pants and tight jeans that the entire leg will be collected folds. Do not fit boots with clothes screaming colors with transparent colored lace and fur.

Remember the "rules of skirt", which is recommended to choose the average length? So: the golden mean - a combination of the first law of shoe-boots! Listen to our advice - and you will always look fashionable!

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