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Gel varnish: How to sponge the gradient

Розміщено : 3-06-2016, 19:28 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 201   
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First, you should think of getting a piece of fine-pored dishwasher sponge ready (check that it is clean, dry and tall enough) so as you might apply the right pressing towards the surface. So as to keep your skin, around the nail, safe use some PVA glue coating there and wait until it dries through well. You can get rid of that later, just having the coat removed. Now you are positioned to proceed to further actions.




1. Use a standard process to get your nails ready, then coat the base and let it dry out.




2. Use a fragment of foil to place a certain number of varnish drips on, to secure creation of the two hues you are going to make the right gradient color patch with. They have to be spaced narrowly (please heed to the necessity of having the orange stick handy, or anything that can serve for the ultimate purpose) for easy blending of the primary hue.




3. With the next move you slightly dab the gel varnish surface with the sponge in order to absorb moisture from its surface. Make two or three impresses on the foil so as to remove the bubbles.




4. Now it is high time to leave a print on your nail. Let it dry, and repeat the practice until the right hue has been obtained. It requires some good drying, each time.




5. Now come over to processing the surface and letting it rest for a certain time to completely dry out.


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