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How to lose weight without dieting?

Розміщено : 9-10-2015, 17:31 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 226   
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Overweight…. How to get rid of it? I want to look good, be always slim, but resorting to all sorts of diets, sometimes severe, many want instant results, no matter what price. But is it worth it?

Rapid weight loss - always harmful to the body, stress, indigestion, lack of nutrients and the consequent loss of immunity. And kg which are not, do not hesitate returning back, and then in greater numbers.

From you can get rid of excess weight by following simple rules, and perfect if they enter the habit.

Water - a vital necessity

Morning helpful to drink a glass of water before a meal with the addition of a pair of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a spoon of honey. This structure helps to split fat and beneficial to the entire body.

And all day do not forget to drink pure non-carbonated water. With a lack of water body sends a signal to the brain, similar to the signal that we are hungry and instead drink a glass of water, we eat and currently unnecessary substances are deposited as fat. Then a glass of water drunk before meals, will not overeat.

Chopped Food

Start eating a rich number of times - 5 -6 times a day, every 2-3 hours, but in small portions 300 -350 grams, not more. May initially be difficult to reduce the portion, then do it gradually. After breakfast, lunch and dinner do small snacks, but always something easy and useful.

What would split meals? Hunger - a signal the body to build up extra fat and fractional eating, no time to stand hormone that stimulates appetite. Weight decreases gradually but irrevocably.

What useful?

Do not torture yourself counting calories, just add to the diet of more vegetables and reduce consumption of fatty foods, sauces and sweets in the form of various cookies and muffins. Do not hurt little marshmallow and 30 grams of dark chocolate.

Train your body fat and vegetable protein, which is necessary for weight loss, help nuts, avocados, unrefined oils - flax, sunflower and olive. Butter is also necessary, but not more than 30 grams a day, and fat select at least 82.5%, as soon as it is authentic. Preference give fish and lean meat.

Physical activity

To skin remains taut, do not neglect exercise, keep yourself in shape. There is no possibility in the fitness club - pick yourself a small set of exercises for 20-30 minutes.

The main thing is to follow the rule - not even throw to one month (preferably three) that developed an habit. Hardly later want to quit, especially when it will see the first results.

And remember, you can not do on an empty stomach, for example in the morning, first posnidayte, and wait an hour and a half, otherwise it will not be burnt fat and muscle mass.

I can!

Tune in to positive emotions and believe in yourself! Motive and initial success in the form of lost kilos do their job
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