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How to prepare coffee mask?

Розміщено : 9-10-2015, 17:15 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 267   
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At all times the famous oriental girl gorgeous hair. The secret to beautiful and healthy hair is to use that oriental temptress coffee, which includes the components necessary to supply the hair and scalp.

Application coffee strengthens hair follicles and return them to shine and strength. Therefore, it is rightly considered one of the best cosmetic products. And thus, thanks to essential oils, mask gives the hair a pleasant aroma.

General recommendations

When using masks with coffee should observe the rules:

1. Coffee has a coloring effect, so it is not recommended to use blondes;

2. You must use only organic coffee grinding medium or small. Mask hair will not benefit if used coffee additives;

3. Use only need brewed coffee without adding sugar or thick, remaining after coffee can also be used to mask coffee in dry form.

The mask of restoring effect

Owners thin brittle hair mask suit with coffee and olive oil. Coffee combined with olive oil nourishes and restores weakened hair. To prepare the masks must first heat 100 ml of oil in the microwave (you can in a water bath). Then add 2-3 spoons of fresh coffee grind.

To give hair shine and radiance, the mask can add a couple drops of essential oil of lemon or orange. Consistency should get a mask in the form of cream. The mask should be applied to wet hair and distribute in length, hold it for half an hour and then wash off with shampoo.

To become hair healthy and beautiful, restoring mask should be done at least once a week.

Firming Mask

To strengthen hair, add a mask cognac. The resulting mask helps normalize blood circulation around the hair follicles, which accelerates hair growth, well prevents them from falling. Furthermore mask nourishes the hair and gives them strength and shine.

The most effective prescription masks are considered to coffee and brandy mask with honey or oil.

To prepare coffee and cognac mask with honey should be mixed in equal proportions all the components. As a result, should get a mask for consistency resembles sour cream. If the mask is a thick, you can dilute it with cognac. The resulting mixture was spread over the length of hair, wrap head with plastic wrap or a towel wrapped heated and kept at least half an hour.

For coffee and brandy butter masks should take 1 cup of olive oil or burdock, pre-heating of its water bath (you can use the microwave). Then add 3 tablespoons oil and coffee mix. The resulting mixture is divided in half.

In one part of the mixture add 2 tablespoons of brandy and put it in the bud. The rest of the masks are distributed along the length of the hair. Head wrap or foil wrapped heated towel mask and holding at least an hour.

Mask against dandruff

Bulb onion has antiseptic properties, so a mask with onions can be used in the fight against dandruff. You must take equally onions (previously it podribnyvshy grated), honey, burdock oil and coffee.

To strengthen the hair, preventing their loss in the mask add brandy. All the ingredients are mixed and rubbed into the hair roots and keep at least half an hour. The mask will give your hair an odor, but a couple of days the smell will disappear along with dandruff.

Mask rinse

To give your hair a golden hue brunettes need to mix 2 tablespoons of coffee, 1 egg and half a cup of warm milk. For flavor add 1-3 drops of essential oil. After washing hair mask distributed along the length of the hair. Keep it on the hair for 15 minutes
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