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How many stop to eat?

Розміщено : 9-10-2015, 17:04 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 219   
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Many women who are overweight, are wondering - how to reduce the amount of used food? Everything is easy. Main collect will in a fist, get small plates and accustom themselves to useful habits.

Basic rules of restrained eating

1. Before lunch or dinner, 30 minutes before meals, drink a glass of water. The water partially fills the stomach and you will eat less than usual.

2. Browse the menu. Avoid all harmful products, in particular from fast food, sugar and bakery products. Do not eat too fatty foods. Include in your diet more vegetable and animal proteins, vegetables and fruits. Instead of white bread, go for bread with whole grain flour.

3. When eating once you felt easy satiety, cease to continue eating. Nutritionists recommend to leave the dining table with a slight feeling of hunger. Believe me, it really works.

4. Often the person begins to eat if it is boring and lonely. Take yourself something. Rather than eat junk food, go to the gym or go to the pool. This will benefit. Arrange cleaning the house or just go for a walk in the fresh air.

5. There is another problem that forces always something to chew. This stress and emotions. Remember sandwich with sausage not solve your problems and will not benefit your body. Set yourself into a positive, do what I always wanted to do or join in themselves and their beauty.

6. Review all the products contained in your refrigerator. In the trash can send ketchup, mayonnaise and other harmful products. In short, remove all the "delicious." Buy more fruits, berries and vegetables. It is much more useful goodies.

7. Another golden rule - eat often, but small portions. This is indicated by all the experts. Fractional meal you will feel great all day. But dense breakfast or lunch will only lead to drowsiness and eternal weakness.

8. Start the notebook, which make labels eaten for the day. According to these records, you can make an analysis of what you have done is not right and correct his food.

At first glance it may seem that the rules are complex and impracticable. It does not. Assemble yourselves and start right now. After all, good health and good health required everyone. Moreover, you do not notice that your weight will start to decrease
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