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How to enlarge breasts without silicon?

Розміщено : 9-10-2015, 16:51 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 242   
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Luxurious, lush and firm breasts - the dream of every girl. This article presents simple ways to maintain breasts in good shape and providing aesthetic appeal.

The quickest method is considered breast augmentation using silicone implants. This method is very expensive and risky. Silicone solves the problem of size and aesthetics, but it is not natural! Most men prefer natural, albeit small, but well maintained and elastic chest.

Women's breasts have long served as a symbol of femininity, the subject of takeovers and outright reflected in many paintings of great artists. If you decide to work on this important area, consider some tips.


Let's start with the most innocent and affordable method - exercise. With special moves you can pull up your chest and make it more attractive shape and slightly increase capacity by increasing chest muscle. To achieve clear results set of light exercises performed with regularity 3 times a week. Do each exercise 4-6 approaches.

1. Lying on a bench, place feet on the floor, hands hold dumbbells weighing one kilogram. Perform lifting and lowering the dumbbell, while bending your elbows.

2. Lay down on his stomach on the bench. In the hands hold dumbbells weighing less than 1 kilogram. Raising hands in the parties executed in forward position.

3. In the standing position, arms extended forward bend at the elbows. Weight dumbbell may reach up to 2 kg.

4. Become facing the wall. Stretch your arms forward and uprites the wall. Follow the "spin", bending your elbows.

Special gels

Gel breast growth are based on hyaluronic acid are introduced in the chest with a syringe. The effect of such manipulation, Expected, and is said to be visible to the naked eye.

The procedure adds volume, but does not affect breast smartness. This method has short-lived results. Enlarged breasts will hold no more than three years and require repeat (correction) in a year.

Drugs from the pharmacy

Receiving special tablets based on hormones estrogen and herbs increases the breast. Drugs aimed at performing the function and regeneration of the breast at the end of a term will surprise improved forms.

But do not forget about the precautions to buy these vehicles only in specialized pharmacies and always strictly follow the instructions for use.

The vacuum procedure

Breast enlargement via the vacuum is due to stretching of the breast. For this purpose there is a special device made in the form of a bra, used at night.

The result will be as short-lived but notable. Using such a device should be very carefully observing all rules and regulations. Excessive use of the vacuum system can cause injury and even muscle strain.


This method will be a boon for girls, in which the body can not accept silicone. In this procedure the patient are native fat cells cultivated in the laboratory and injected into the breast. The result is increased and beautiful breasts.

However, remember that for such a procedure is necessary to have a sufficient amount of fatty material. Lipofilinh volume increases, but does not create a lifting effect breast.

Push-up inserts

The ability to visually enlarge the breasts is every girl. This is possible by using a series of bra push-up or special silicone inserts. A huge range of similar products that do not cause much difficulty in choosing the right model.

Traditional natural remedies

Enlarged breasts and you can try using folk remedies based on medicinal herbs broth. The effectiveness of the method is not proven, but you can try. You can use herbal teas: black cohosh, fennel, blessed thistle, licorice root, wormwood, garlic, fenugreek. But even in this method, and should be careful before using any broth carefully read the contraindications and its properties.

Choosing a favorite method of breast augmentation, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons carefully follow the recommended procedures. In an effort to improve body shape, do not forget harmonize and mental state. A great man as a whole - body and soul
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