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How to choose shorts?

Розміщено : 3-10-2015, 11:31 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 222   
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Summer wants to wear a dress that was convenient, but the heat did not stop. An excellent choice would topom of shorts, shirt or T-shirt. A properly fitted shorts always exhibit figure in a favorable light.

The choice of the figure

Denim shorts look great on any type of figure. Girls athletic fit shorts or baggy model with a high waist. Short shorts harmonious look with bulky shirts and shoes on a flat sole. To give the appearance of more sexuality should be combined with high-waisted shorts with a voluminous blouse and sandals with heels.

Owners of long legs, besides the usual shorts, you can buy a model that reaches almost to the knee. These shorts will visually lengthen legs even more. Also well suited and Leather Waist model, in combination with surround top image looks great.

Women with curvy shape better to choose capri pants, Bermuda shorts or classic model. And no bright patch pockets and decorative elements. Sweater bright colors, these shorts and shoes Wedge-heeled perfectly fit in the working image and suitable for recreational option.

Tall and thin women besides classical models, fit with shorts or laid-edged cuffs that give shape appetizing appearance. For owners of small stature perfectly suited shorts. Overalls and shorts with stripes visually increase growth.

If you want to hide figure flaws, it is necessary to choose the model of medium length. Also suitable way with high waist black and beige shades.

Shorts for home, work or leisure

Shorts can be worn in almost all situations. Some offices may be wearing shorts, so if you want to wear them, you should choose a model with acceptable length and cut accordingly. In this case, perfectly suited to the knee Bermuda with light blouses and tops.

For the beach, you can choose any color but white get dirty quickly. Summer shorts with bright colors made of natural fabrics with bathing suit look great.

For the party should choose leather shorts or jeans, embroidered with sequins and lace.

At home better wear patterns that do not hold down movements are allowed cuffs, buttons, pockets. In these beautiful shorts and guests meet nice.

The choice is cut

Denim model with a floral pattern combined with a blouse or lace topom should wear on a date. Shorts with a high waist with high heels accentuate slender figure.

Lace shorts, jeans with zips or chains, home and office - all models deserve attention.

Shorts - is clothing, which will be comfortable.
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