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How to choose a swimsuit?

Розміщено : 3-10-2015, 11:29 | Категорія: Beauty and style | Переглядів: 183   
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Summer is over, but now the possibility to continue the tourism industry beach holiday season even for a whole year.

And, of course, the beach can not do without a swimsuit. Speaking of this summer attire, the minimum set for a comfortable beach holiday - two sets. One can swim in the other - sunbathe.

Moreover sunbathing swimsuit is better to buy the most open, and for water treatment, on the contrary, to pick up a closed model that provides optimal comfort when navigating.

How to choose a swimsuit that is ideal for you?

Choose a swimsuit is not easy, because in this dress obvious flaws figures that at another time can be hidden under clothing.

It is believed that Black closed swimsuit - a universal option and a panacea for all ills, from obesity to cellulite. But in fact, black is not for everyone, often highlights the shortcomings of the skin, and the ladies of summer color, also adds years.

Playing with colors

When choosing a swimsuit keep in mind that dark colors visually reduce volume, light colors - increase, but things seem to be a pattern with more than one shade of things. It is not necessary to bikini elements were the same color or coloring.

Depending on the type and characteristics of color figures can pick monophonic bottom to top or bottom to light a dark top, adjusting disadvantages. And with two different swimsuits, so you can get as many as four sets.

Fashion combination: blue and peach, purple and orange, emerald and yellow. It is better if one color is cold, and the other - warm.


Monokini - a compromise between closed and open models. This fusion swimsuit with a plunging neckline or, more precisely, the upper and lower parts are connected swimsuit narrow strip of fabric or decorative elements.
Bando - narrow topic strapless. Looks great on small breasts and slim fit and young girls.
Tankini - set with T-shirts and minishortov in sports style. Ideal for outdoor activities such as beach volleyball games.
Trikini - a set of three items. The third accessory can be scarf-pareo or thongs in addition to the classic swimming trunks.
Retro style - ruffles, folds, surround the top and high waist add femininity and fragility, recalling the Hollywood stars of the 50s. High waist, by the way, visually lengthens the leg.

Decorative items made of metal or imitation jewelery will give your image of arrogance and translucent lace inserts - ease.

And a few years remain consistently popular "vegetable" and "animal" prints.
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