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Communication is important in any age

Розміщено : 26-09-2015, 21:59 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 147   
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Only in a nightmare can dream that the man was suddenly alone. He has no family, friends, colleagues ... So, it's really scary! However, almost the same thing happens to people in old age.

Especially with women. The men went into another world or live in the same age alone. The children have long grown up, flew from the parental nest, they have their families, their affairs and problems. At best, come to visit on holidays and call once a week, at worst - appear only in the parents' house during the holidays, and then every year. And former colleagues lost phone numbers, addresses and forgot found only by chance in the street. Yes, cheerless picture ...

What shall I do? How to deal with loneliness?

Here are some tips for those who lack communication. Must Become a club member. It can be a variety of clubs. If you have a seizure, it could be a club of interest. In older people, too, may be delight and even more than working age, as free time has become much more. Maybe you knit, sew, paint? And maybe, well bakes cakes, cook jam or canned pickles? Perhaps caring for animals and flowers or fish? Probably you a collector? What would you not like to do, probably live near people who share your interests. The most important thing - to find each other, meet, learn and communicate ...

If you love to sing, read poetry, take part in the "Voices" or not indifferent to art, then you clubs on leisure. There are going talented creative people. Meetings are held at one go. You can celebrate the holidays together. It just seems that you know everything about the holiday. No, during a conversation, you will have a lot of new interesting information. You can arrange meetings with interesting people. Experienced feelings and memories of the meeting will not miss you alone for a while.

Acquainted with their peers, you can go on a trip. No, no, do not worry, not the road trip and the sights of his native land. Perhaps you know nothing about the place where lived all my life, and you will be very interesting.

You may ask where to find these clubs? Look around. Perhaps they are organized in social organizations, cultural institutions, at the Board of veterans, women, Union of Pensioners your locality. You need only to turn back and interesting life assured. You will be a circle of friends and new friends and dreams of terrible loneliness will not be disturbed.
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