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How to take criticism?

Розміщено : 26-09-2015, 21:53 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 147   
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Sometimes one is confronted with failures resulting from wrong actions, but he is often unable to understand their own defects / errors. In this sense, criticism is helpful. And the ability to hear instruction through criticism, the correct response to the remarks in his address - a kind of art.

The criticism that was made with good intentions, is called constructive. And if you want to improve themselves, it should refer to constructive criticism with sufficient attention and respond to it with gratitude.

The correct response to the comments of the word is its aversion to his personal account. It's impact on self-esteem and desire to develop. It is important to realize that not all criticized your work or your personality, but only one or more of its constituent aspects.

To develop the ability to treat critics should remember that if something rightly pointed out, it is necessary to accept and recognize it! After correcting deficiencies - the main goal of any constructive criticism.

If you know of its explosive nature, it is better not immediately respond to a critical review, and waited for some time, quietly thank also criticized (it is a reasonable criticism, not the destructive or false), keep dignity and confidence. Pay attention to the valuable comments, ignoring the critical tone, if any, will be present.

Remember that any criticism requires reflection, starting from the fact that it caused, to how to rectify the situation. Striving for success, learn to exercise critical attitude even in situations where there is no explicit criticism.

When we, on the contrary, criticized wrongly, no need to spoil their nerves and respond to any kind of accusations. Stay calm, do not comment on the claim. Be wiser and more restrained critics. False criticism should just temper your character and lead to success in life. A similar reaction of people expressing destructive criticism may mean that you are trying to confuse (through such manipulation), or are you one of those people, which is their own, unlike the opinions and ideas (they do not share or understand) or you envy (which means that you have achieved what others only dream). Now that the causes of false criticism clear, will not be difficult to deal with them individually.

Thus, the criticism can not be avoided anyone, so learn to take it, extracting maximum benefit!
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