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How to make a man compliments?

Розміщено : 26-09-2015, 20:07 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 288   
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How to attract men? This issue is of concern to many women. In the main ways of seduction, famous women, there is a quite effective method - a compliment.

According to most psychologists before making man a compliment, it is necessary to examine the personal, psychological characteristics of man some time to watch it. But what if you like, for example, the man sitting opposite you in the subway? In this situation, your actions should be spontaneous, because it can get off at the next stop. How to learn how to make a man compliments a short time worthy of his attention? Of course the above knowledge is important, but it should be mentioned that each individual case. Men, unlike women not just conservative in many matters, their attitude to compliment also fundamentally different from women's. Because women love with their ears, and men - eyes.

If you decide to flirt with a man familiar to you, you do compliments directly related to his work, the scope of his interests. For example, if you planned a novel service, making it a compliment, tell your husband about his admiration of the ability to easily, quickly and effectively cope with a number of questions. You can use the following options: "You cope with work as a cook potatoes", "Your strategy has no competition," "achieve signing the contract - no problem for you, and art, which is better for you no one has", etc. . The man loves when a woman underlines its best quality. Making compliments you give him not only the confidence, but also the desire again and again to confirm your words.

Before you prepare a few compliments to your potential victim, you need to work not only on their appearance, which should always be charming, in spite of your time, but also on facial expressions, eye, intonation. Everything depends on the situation, the goals you have set ourselves.

If you want to improve office and your boss - the stronger sex, the Sender especially emphasize those special qualities that make it skillfully to perform its duties, but do not overdo it.

If you goal - to seduce a man, then apply its charm, beauty, external data and the ability to make compliments related to his favorite occupation. For some, it might be fishing, sports, literature, travel, etc .. For example, you can say. "I am sure that you are on vacation even show their best abilities." If people like to travel, you can hint to compliment you imagine how he was able to cope with the direction of the boat in a stormy sea, given its good physique, unless of course available. If not, will focus on a different capacity, which prides people.

If you just want to flirt with a man to spend some time with him, to talk, thus to nothing would oblige him or you, then make compliments, highlighting, for example, it is beautiful, as nakachene body. Thus the tone of your voice should be slightly discounted, erotic. "I imagine how melting in your strong arms."

If you liked man in the transport, carefully read its appearance, find some interesting detail in it and making a compliment, select it. It can be an interesting hairstyle, beautiful, unusual suit, tie, scarf, watches, cufflinks, lettering on clothing or bag, perfume.

If you truly love a man want to achieve significant long-term relationship will continue to create with him family, then you should think about the qualities for which you loved him and just focus them. For example, you can start a conversation that you recently looked good family film and the main character compare with your loved ones, while pointing out that it would be a great family man, a father to your future children. Tell him that appreciate reliability, responsibility, caring, stability, etc ..

Remember that pre-planned compliment can rarely succeed. Everything should be as natural as men love naturalness. Ultimately, it all depends on the situation, circumstances and goals you have set ourselves.
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