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How warm feelings began to fade

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 19:04 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 183   
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Candy-buketnyy period is often compared with heaven, and domestic trouble - hell. Earlier beloved husband suddenly became a burden, you become irritable, dissatisfied and angry. But is it worth throwing everything at stake here, but run file for divorce? We can at least try to save his family.

Do not rush to despair

Do not panic. Feelings are extinguished can awaken again. Try to remember the last happy moments when you were walking in the park, holding a pen, or riding the carousel ... So - you say - it was once ... Now it quite differently ... Just do not do anything rashly . You should thoroughly think things through before making a decision. So try to throw the old images that you can not afford to think objectively and relax.

Go to holiday

The first emergency rescue method of family - a joint vacation away from civilization. Ride together on vacation or even a weekend away somewhere. It can be a house in the village, campsite or even a tent in the woods. Pre-arrange with relatives that they were at this time with your children.

It's no secret that the joint work always brings, whether it is breeding a fire, melting furnace or search for firewood. Do not be afraid that you will be bored or any conversation must turn into a showdown. Especially the last point can occur only your fault - the man never initiates such a conversation. If you pull something inexorable power figure, turn away - enjoy the nature. Her beauty always come to the rescue in such situations. Campfire just sit dark sin - be wiser, set herself and her husband for a romantic moment, remember the good moments and think about future plans.

Cover up together

If you are a long time for any reason slept separately, immediately return to the marital bed, even if because of this you have to run around roaring offspring in another room. There is no dispute that problems in the bedroom born abroad, moreover, it is not the most important in family life, but there is no doubt the fact that sleeping well cementing relationships. Many families escaped divorce only for the reason that decided to fall asleep in an embrace.

Begin to restore order in the bedroom. To start it, select a comfortable place for romantic dates with her husband separated. On the table beside the bed, put family photos where you are happy, hang over the bed a couple of hearts. In short, make the bedroom a romantic mood.

Very carefully to choose and bed linen. It should be a nice smooth texture to the touch, to create a sense of security and comfort. Colouring choose to your liking. However, remember that it should not be exciting. The main purpose of linen - to help you sleep well and wake up in the morning in a good mood.

Appreciate man

Do not forget to herself without exception courtesies your husband appreciate his concern. This can be expressed as washing dishes or accidentally donated a bouquet of flowers. In fact, it is not so important.


Make it a habit of daily discuss podiyischo occurred a day. Give your husband understand what is so important to you understanding and a genuine interest in your affairs. Stop take it for granted. Learn to discover new good side of your spouse, do not forget to tell him that no matter what it is you really want. Agree, you also probably would not have wanted to do something for someone who will give you their yakyiy is not required.

Think positively

And perhaps the most basic: think positive! The views really materialize. This is also proven by scientists. Set yourself that everything is fine and will be even better - and it will happen!

Listen to our advice and remember that much easier to break than to build. Conflicts and difficult periods are all couples. And your task - not to break the wood and do not make reckless mistake, which you will regret for life.

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