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How to build a perfect relationship

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 19:00 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 169   
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Every relationship begins the same way: with plans to live happily ever after, and ideally also die one day. However, problems in the Garden of Eden intervene constantly. So is there really relationship, or is it imagination of Hollywood filmmakers focused on vulnerable women who watch romantic movies in anticipation of the wedding, and then wait for the prince in reality. So is there naturally ideal relationship and how to build? This we now try to understand.

It is not necessary to measure all one comb

Ideal relations exist. This is a fact. But the trouble is that men and women see ideal relationship differently. What is important for some, for others it seems absolutely absurd. Each person is unique, so universal formula ideal relationship look in vain. Identify possible only general concepts.

Be aware of differences in psychology

For most women, the picture perfect relationship is clear: man is on her hands, respects, nurtures, protects and fulfills all the whims. Men also ideal relationship with a woman determined care, unlimited personal freedom, lack of commitment and desire to fulfill the requirements of freedom. But fear of the difference in the outlook of both sexes is not necessary. For one minute to build a relationship just is not possible. You have to know the pitfalls and try to circumvent them.

give away

Do not try to satisfy their desires, without giving anything in return. Many people like to get much more than give. It turns out that in a relationship there are two "Center of the Universe" and no understanding. One partner a great believer in what the other has to respect, to love, to make concessions and to fulfill all wishes. Of course, these relations turn into mutual tug of war, and the perfect call them can not.

not rozchynyaytes

You can not allow yourself and other extreme - completely dissolve in a partner. From halves of the same will not return - and start conflicts. Of course, such a relationship as the ideal to heaven. Not close to ideal and relationships where one partner is completely subordinate to the other. However, some couples in such relationships feel very much in harmony.

Remember the basics required

Each of ideal relationship is more of the required basics to keep in mind. This is an opportunity for both partners to be loved and to love, grow as a person and be yourself. Quite important is the spiritual connection between loving. If these items apply to you, our congratulations - you're the perfect couple!

The following tips

To call yourself the perfect pair you with loved ones need to follow some simple tips. Try to be your partner for both your loved one and friend. Without friendship there is no love, no love - relationship.

Learn to compromise. You must jointly decide, taking into account the interests of the partner.

Be terpilyvymy. Better not waste time listing deficiencies loved and and focus on its benefits.

The rule always support each other, even if your views do not match in some way.

Try more surprise each other and give gifts just like that, for no reason. If you have been together for a long time, occasionally arrange a date, remember the pleasant moments boredom borit new emotions!

Remember that the foundation of ideal relationship - is understanding and finding compromises. In love there is no place of selfishness. And once you understand it, happiness will come to your home.

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