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How to start your day right

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 18:21 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 334   
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Like it or not, and how we start our day, often depends on how we spend it. Useful breakfast charge us strength for the day, as morning exercise activates metabolism. What else should I know, waking up in the morning, we'll tell you.

Plan the next day

Enter for a useful habit before bedtime to write in a notebook all the interesting and pleasant events that must happen to you tomorrow. It's no secret that the mood in which most people are waking up, hardly joyful. But it can raise such a simple way - before going to bed thinking of pleasant events that you expect tomorrow, and waking up with these ideas.

PLAY color

You can not even imagine what an important role in our lives play colors. Yes, enough to see bright color when awakening - and a surge of energy mixed with a leap of adrenaline you provided. Enough usual bright picture or cushion, which is dominated by shades of orange. Come and home wear bright colors. Also nice to drink during breakfast a glass of cranberry or pomegranate juice.

Let in fresh air

In a well-warmed room easily filled, but in the morning in my head felt strong gravity. To improve the efficiency of their sleep can provitryvshy before sleeping room. The optimum temperature for falling asleep is considered to be 15-20 degrees.

became BOUQUET

Perhaps this is the most pleasant point. Enough room to put a beautiful bouquet, which you can see after waking up - and it will charge you with energy and give the mood for the day.


It is important to visualize the desired images. So, waking up in the morning and opening the eyes, then close them and imagine yourself energetic and active. Medicine proved that visualizing images of violent activity, come into work the same brain regions as that of real activity.


Most people pressing the alarm again begin to fill up. The "delay" in this case strongly rescued. You can sleep and not be afraid to take a nap, because soon the clock will ring again. But this is wrong. Continuous sleep helps to feel cheerful and recover better, because it put the alarm clock on time when you need to wake up.

drink water

To fill a fluid lost by the night and put himself into a state of wakefulness, the morning drink at least a glass of cold water. One reason for morning fatigue - lack of fluid, because the lack of even a few percent of water is a human emotional and physical decline. So drink about two liters of fluid per day.

Stimulates facial muscles

Will help to wake up and increase blood circulation normal facial massage. Start from the forehead to the chin and opuskaytes performing pat with your fingertips on the skin or clicking on different points. In addition, this procedure daily will make your skin ruddy.

Add light

Sunny color not only cause a surge of vitality, energy and causes joy, but also stops the hormone responsible for sinking into sleep - melatonin and increases the hormone that improves mood - serotonin. Morning can just come out with a cup of coffee on the balcony. If you get up before dawn, immediately turn light. Today is a very popular light alarm clocks, depicting the star, which is half an hour before recovery begins to engage with bell and clock reaches its maximum brightness. Thus the light penetrating through the eyelid, the brain sends signals of awakening.

Listen to our advice, wake up properly - and you'll not only cheerful and happy, but the amount of useful cases will increase significantly. Like the rest - and he will respond in kind.

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