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How to help your favorite overcome bad habits

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 18:15 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 102   
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Despite the fact that lots of family psychologists say time and again that half should be taken such as it is and do not try to change it, sometimes these same halves themselves want change, but habit is stronger than themselves. What to do if your favorite has decided to quit, be hardworking or switch to a healthy diet? For information on how to maintain righteous in his high aspirations, and today we will talk.

We help quit smoking

If your husband sincerely wish to quit smoking patches and Alan Carr and books do not help, be it personal doctor. First artificial tobacco to replace natural. He, unlike the artificial, not containing sugar is addictive, that after quitting smoking will be much easier. It should be ready for that in the first month of "smoker's cough" can escalate, but fear not required. This pattern suggests that the lungs and bronchi yourself cleaned of toxins accumulated in them a long time. To speed up the cleaning process, make sure that your people drink more alkaline water and adheres to a healthy diet. Add in the diet need magnesium and zinc, vitamins and minerals, and it should be excluded from red meat, alcohol, coffee, sugar, and refined products.

Helping throw fast food

Remember, dear woman, the best way to transfer the right man for healthy food - to show him a good example. Do not spare the refrigerator and throw out all possible temptation: mayonnaise, chips, ketchup, fries, Coke, semi-finished products and so on ... In general, all products that can hardly be classified as healthy foods, require immediate disposal. Believe me, your health will soon come half full order, improve his health and things go smoothly.

Helping overcome laziness and passivity

Are you tired of that night coming home from work, you continually finds husband lying down on the couch with the TV remote? Well, this pastime is not beneficial neither to himself nor your family ships plow the oceans monotony of everyday life. To overcome this problem, you need to work in two stages. First, motivates his move. At every meeting with friends and social networks do not forget to mention once again how cool exercise and move a lot, obkleyte apartment sports motivators. Even pochepyv themed refrigerator magnet let looks at him every time to reach for a new bottle of beer. Second, do not separate the man from his attraction to passivity rather let him stretching you, an active athlete. Put him a choice: go to the gym with you or spend the day alone.

That's all the advice. Do not believe those who say that there is no perfect man. Just the usual ideal to make the perfect woman. No need to roll hysteria and arrange scandals: helps man maintain its inception, and everything will be fine.

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