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Three arguments for sex with a man

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 13:14 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 113   
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All ... Mendelssohn sounded ... And while your friends are immersed headlong into the maelstrom of love and the love affair with changing partners as gloves and discovering sex and more new horizons, you do love only family man ... and This continues a month ... a year ... ten years ... so who is in a better position - "free bird" or are you married? You! And it's 3 reasons that we describe.

You husband feel and know a singl

Sex with a new partner recalls a ride when you look at it from the outside, he grabs you, and when you sit down, you do not know what will happen next ... And then the avalanche piled on you emotions and want to ride again and again ... ... So far, interest has turned off ..

This happiness? Not at all. A man can see with his eyes closed and list all your erogenous zones, so you can easily relax and have fun. And he, in turn, will have fun just seeing how you well.

You approach each other

My husband and you do not need to pose himself a passionate tigress or, conversely, to hide emotions in closet, afraid to seem too liberated. He saw you and nezmytoyu ink, with unshaven legs and not vyschypanymy eyebrows, even in the morning !! So you do not need to pretend to be someone else and to think about how you look in a particular position, or linen suits you, etc. The only thing you really should pay attention - is the sex.

Reason 3
You - a great team

Good sex is impossible without normal communication partners. To your sex life progressed, you must frankly tell partner about what you like, do not like and what you tried, but wanted to try. Marriage itself involves the fact that you open will share with each other their fantasies and thus make your marriage better and stronger.

Only 3 reasons - and enough to all married girls tenderly kissed her beloved husband, unmarried and wanted to marry. Bitter, dear!

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