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How to save marriage

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 08:06 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 92   
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Sooner or later the problems begin each couple. Impatient run immediately apply for a divorce, pessimistic people are together, but their married life becomes a series of endless scandals and accusations, but the wise and loving couple trying to survive the crisis and save the family. To learn how to do it, and today we will tell you.

Understand the finances

Often it is the financial issue is a bone of contention in the family pair. Moreover, according to numerous studies of psychologists, is often the cause scandal even unemployment of a spouse or salary is not high enough, and different views on how much money to spend and where. In practice, the clam and spenders often get along together because at the stage of selecting the man find out his attitude to money.

Customize intimate life

It turns out that sexual partners satisfaction is directly proportional to family happiness. Of course, family life is very different from idle. It received the official status of a spouse, we begin to take responsibility for the family and then, and begin to understand how crazy rhythm of modern life, what is stress and begin running squirrel in a wheel ... Of course, the power to love consolation is running or less. However, remember that no matter how tired you are, pay attention to the second half - your direct responsibility. Especially lovemaking brought together not only you, but also great to help relieve stress. But the experience of many generations not get tired we prove that the more sex a couple of family, the stronger the union itself.

Say "magic words"

Once we learn to talk, parents tell us about the importance of "magic words" - thank you and please. And we educated lady tirelessly with a smile on their face repeat to everyone, as long until you get married. Since then the need for "courtesy" as it repealed - with regard to loved ones thanks should be implied as to itself. But numerous studies show, this is a huge mistake. So, the couple, saying their half "thank you" even for petty things, every day without knowing it strengthen your family.


Remember: a happy marriage - is not rest, and constant work for the good of the family. Do not forget the romantic evenings and streams your favorite movies, indulge each other pleasant surprises, words - and the reasons for parting you will be much less.

Breaking always easier than to build. But if you try, you can build a strong and close-knit family, which dominates happiness and understanding. Love one another - it's that easy!

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