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How to deal with ex

Розміщено : 17-09-2016, 09:36 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 86   
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The former may be a lover, husband and boyfriend. My husband and you may be common children, because the situation is more complicated - relationship with him will have to support. But now we will not talk about the painful separation and children, and how you can not handle the same in any case and under any circumstances. Neither husband nor the boyfriend or with lovers.

Do not have sex with ex

Even if you miss each other, nothing good sex with the former you will not. At the meeting can nakotyty feeling so much that you may even want to start over. However, this is only the first meeting. Imagine what will happen to you after sex with once loved. You will start again imagine a long happy family life, and after another parting again have to learn to live without it.

Force EX remove your erotic pictures

Discover your passion former can find it in your erotic pictures - and arrange scandal. Not only does it suffer from this situation, but still have this situation will affect most unpleasant way.

DO NOT WRITE same letter or SMS

After the break in relations move forward. Correspondence with the former likely to sense and no new relations will not. Since painful intercourse with the former, you'll remember everything and happiest and most painful moments of your relationship. It is unlikely that you are ready. It is better not start.

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From what list? What you want. The main talk less of the former, especially if your in it was difficult parting. Behave with "former half" gently, gently. So, if you deleted it forever, do not call or write the former targets reported feeling casually asking about business or health. Having met on the street, just take a "past" couple of minutes for a formal greeting.

Evaluate FRIENDS

If you broke your friends and the company in general feel comfortable, why not? So friends do not have to be determined which of you it is more expensive.


Very often people get divorced before some events - the wedding of relatives, friends birthday, etc. If you maintain friendly relations with the former, you can without any embarrassment and guilt attend together with the former.

ADD positive

If you have friends that you meet in the city will be easier. It is best not to hide and not to turn away, and a friendly smile and hello to a loved one once. If he was a great listener and understand you perfectly, you can become friends "not to spill the water." Sometimes it happens.

That's all the advice that you need to know. Do not talk bad about the former nor the people, nor friends. Good attitude to people - a first rate person your maturity. In the presence of common children maintain friendly relations is a must, as well, among other things, you also set an example for your child. Good luck and do not step on the same rake!

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