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How to restore trust after a betrayal?

Розміщено : 17-09-2016, 09:24 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 110   
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Say what you like, and relationships are built on trust - like love and friendship, but sometimes just one little things to lose it, make disharmony in relationships or even destroy them. For many, the main cause of loss of trust is treason, but it could be a deception and lies and contradictions between words and deeds, and failure promises. How to return confidence in the relationship? Take a pen and write.


Remember LIMITS

Everyone celebrates its borders confidence. For some flirtation - an element of courtesy for someone - actual betrayal. To recover after did not have confidence in the early relationship talk with a partner and define the limits of each trust, then casually, "unknowingly" they do not break.


Admit guilt

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable, but not themselves guilty feeling restore confidence at this stage, you most likely will not work.

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DO NOT shift the blame

You blame. You were wrong. This is a fact. But the right to have every mistake. The main thing here - not walk again and again on the same rake. To the situation is not repeated in the future, be sure to make it the correct conclusions.



You definitely need to be patient. In fact, to restore the confidence of a loved one, sometimes almost a week, a month or even a year. You must understand that betrayal survive difficult. So, you now bad. But just imagine happening in the human soul, which betrayed or deceived. Get rid of frustration and resentment, trust us, not so easy as we would like.


LET private space

Time heals, like a trite as it may sound. So just do not be intrusive. No need to chafe a wound that just started to inhale. It is better for a while pinch communication to a minimum.


Build relationships RIGHT

When you made it clear that communication might begin to restore the credibility of the frank conversation. Admit your mistakes out loud and vybachytesya. But do not cry, do not pray for forgiveness and without hysteria. This alienate talking to you. Also so you will again and again be reminded of his guilt, but still you need to clearly understand that the return confidence deeds, not words.

Even if everything ended well and your apology accepted, be prepared for the first time in everything that you do, will be treated with suspicion. One apology not enough to restore confidence. Walk, so that in you could not doubt for a second. But do not do it for show, because you have to behave well all the time, not just until confidence is restored.


Do not connect others

Do not ask other people to act as your advocates. You brewed porridge - rozsorbuyte its own. Usually interference from third parties any good should not wait. Moreover, why, by the way, a man who does not trust you must trust someone stranger?

That's all the advice that you need to know. However, remember that the situations are different, substantially different and the degree of possible fault, so do not look for a universal way to restore confidence. Each has its own character and each pair their unique relationship. But if your house of love reigns, sooner or later improve. The main thing - do not repeat past mistakes.

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