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How not to burn out at work. Emotional burnout

Розміщено : 17-09-2016, 00:06 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 186   
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When approaching a long-awaited vacation time, many are beginning to feel keenly that the work is not a pleasant experience. Colleagues annoying, and at home increasingly want to say, "Leave me alone!". This is called professional or emotional burnout.

Emotional burnout - the most dangerous professional illness of those who work with people: teachers, social workers, psychologists, guides, vendors, doctors ... All those whose work is impossible without communication. It develops slowly, quietly and, if not treated, leads eventually to what a person can not perform quality work, and disappointed in it or leaves the profession or continue to operate by inertia. As the robot.

Stages of development of burnout


- Begins suppression of emotions, feelings and smoothing fresh visual experience; everything seems fine, but ... boring and empty the soul;
- Disappear positive emotions, there is a certain detachment in relationships with family members;
- There is a state of anxiety, frustration; returning home increasingly want to say: "Do not meddle to me."


- There are misunderstandings with clients, professional colleagues in the circle starts with contempt talk about some of them;
- Immediately begins to appear on clients. Initially it hardly pent resentment, and then flashes of irritation. This behavior - not realizing man-manifestation sense of self when dealing exceeding a safe level for the body.


- Blunted idea of ​​the value of life, the world appears as a black and white photography, and man becomes dangerously indifferent to everything, even his own life;
- There are cold indifference and even cruelty towards others.

Risk factors that indicate the possibility of burn out at work

What else but the profession influences the origin of emotional burnout? Just note that it's not age, not marital status and no experience. And what then?

1. Gender. In women, professional burnout occurs more frequently than men.

2. Permanent accountability (ie a situation where one person is subject to several chiefs).

3. Fuzzy or unevenly distributed responsibility for professional actions.

4. Unfavorable psychological atmosphere in the team, conflicts with management, colleagues. Poor organization of labor, bureaucratic approach-long exhausting work.

5. Communicate with psychologically difficult contingent - heavy patients, conflict buyers, difficult teenagers, etc.

How not to burn out at work: 8 tips

1. Be nice to yourself, it will help in time to see the first signs of fatigue.

2. Love yourself, or at least try to please myself.

3. Stop trying to work happiness or salvation. It is - no shelter, and activities that bring you any benefit (money, ability to communicate, travel, etc.).

4. Stop living for others their lives. Live please her. Not instead of people, and along with them.

5. Find time for yourself. Remember that you have the right not only to work but also to privacy.

6. Going to work, leave it all working problems not Bring them home with you.

7. If you really want to help someone or make him his job, ask yourself: is it really necessary? Maybe he handle himself?

8. Try to visit more often in nature. Even our ancestors-Slavs noticed that if lie on the ground or lean against a tree, then the soul becomes calmer and feeling better.

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