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How to learn to read people's thoughts

Розміщено : 16-09-2016, 23:45 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 154   
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Agree, many of us would like to know what some of our friends and family. This issue is concerned and psychologists, and they even achieved slightly in his study where results. It turns out that all of our thoughts can be read on his face just like on some gestures - to understand the intent or spirit of man.

Look into the eyes of a man

When we think about something, you suddenly Moving eyes. Depending on the train of thought is changing trajectory and point of view.

1. If the source is not looking into the eyes, avoiding eye contact can say that he was indifferent to this conversation.
2. The concern interlocutor says short eye contact when you meet eyes briefly but then quickly turns his eyes interlocutor. If he stares you in the eye, not taking view - this conversation is very important for him and interesting.
3. lowered eyes may indicate a severe embarrassment or unwillingness to continue the conversation.

WHAT source?

Look to his good friend and try to understand what he was thinking.

When a man rolls his eyes upwards, probably he annoyed or even complete contempt. Often this evidence neglect.

When trying to remember something, that reproduce in memory the picture, he unwittingly raises his eyes up and to the right. If something tries to imagine showing his fantasy, his eyes will be turned up and left.

1. If a right - trying to remember something.
2. The Look directed to the left - says no pictures but a sound.
3. Look down and right suggests hard work of the brain. At this time, your partner in dialogue with himself, mulling something he said or decided what to say in response.
4. Look down and to the left - a sign that the person interprets some impression, thinking about his experiences with certain occasion.

After studying this language views, you will surely be able to better understand others, but literally read his thoughts still can not. (Please note only that if a person is left-handed, he'll be doing the opposite!)

Maybe your partner is just lying?

Most people want to know the truth tells them the other person or not. Try to determine the truth of the information you transferred his gaze.

Expose help liar simple reception. First, set the "subject" asks a question that you know the answer. If he raises his eyes up and to the right, it's all right, he's going to answer it truthfully. In the next minute ask a question that you care about. On the face of the defendant impact characteristic emotion - fear or confusion, and going to lie, one must look up and to the left.

How to learn to read minds companion

People who read people's thoughts as if they hear them sounding in his head, we called psychics. This gift to such people often congenital. However, psychology is the method by which you can get closer to the point where literally hear people's thoughts. This is achieved through long workouts, but if you want, you can try.

1. You need a partner. This povynnna be your loved one or a good friend. Sit opposite each other. Alternately, think of something good or something unpleasant. You need to learn to guess - the good or the unpleasant thought partner.

2. Let your friend hide an object. You'll ask him leading questions to which he does not have to answer. But the facial expressions you have to guess what he wanted to say. It's pretty difficult exercise, but eventually you will master her.
3. Teammate puts on his knees and magazine considers some image (which you certainly should not see). You are looking at his expression, creating something on a piece of paper, some colored spots. At this point, it's important not to let his head no idea - let's hand drawing itself. Once you will make your picture and a picture from a magazine, perhaps there will be matches.

Exercising regularly, you will almost certainly achieve incredible results; get close to the point that will begin to literally "hear" the thoughts of others. True, there you will wait another kind of problem: you may not like what you hear - it will be for you too heavy burden.

So before you exercise, think about whether you need it ...

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