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How to make a child do their homework

Розміщено : 16-09-2016, 21:24 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 109   
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Often parents are faced with the problem of poor training. It becomes clear why a responsible and active child absolutely does not want to perform school tasks at home. Moreover, even in school he attends reluctantly. This article will help understand the causes of failure of the child from school and tells how to teach students to independently and with complete satisfaction homework.

Unwillingness to learn and go to school can occur due to difficult relationships with peers or teachers. In this case a subtle psychological help. The problem have to be solved. Well, if socially at home and at school no problem, then you need to help your child interested in learning. Putting effort to do so of course you can. Try using these tips and get a good return success and enthusiasm child.

1. First, explain to your child what you need to do homework. Try to make it as clear. Phrases such as "we must study hard to go to college and find a good job" unlikely to be effective even for children of primary school age. These benefits far not be able to motivate. Let it first be taken training as a way to learn something new and develop. Try to tell him why you need all this knowledge.

2. Give your child the opportunity to deal with the problem. No need every moment to approach and ask a success, let alone stand there and always look into the notebook. This will distract the child and dissipate his attention. Let the child fully concentrate on homework.

3. Create conditions. While preparing lessons, the child's attention should not distract other sounds or pictures. Give him for such work specially equipped with a desk and proper lighting. And nothing more! It is better that the child had his own room where he can calmly, without external stimuli to perform homework.

4. Help your child to distribute tasks to get done all the time. Children are not always able to orient yourself, what lessons need to make priorities and which can be postponed and do later. Control the flow of time in which the child learns lessons. Do not overload. Otherwise, the child can spend all day at his desk, never prepared for lessons tomorrow.

5. Keep track of time and be sure to take short breaks. Approximately every 45 minutes a child do some exercise, mash muscle. Do not forget about exercises for vision. Children's eyes are very vulnerable if you do not control the process, over time the child will learn to have glasses or lenses.

6. Never scolding a child for bad grades. Correct to determine the cause of this event. Carefully find out what the problem is. Can not a child just learned, and maybe did not want to answer or even forgotten homework. And only then begin to solve the problem. If the child is not something entirely clear and could not solve the problem, try again to disassemble the subject. If you simply forgot to learn - teach it every time to check on the subject: are all fulfilled. Ask him to write separate objects and grouped in the sequence, in which you teach. Let do it on a separate sheet and strikes them as performance. It will be a kind of game for the child and about any problem he will not forget.

7. Do not forget to check homework. And it should be done together with the child. Express interest popytayte, let him tell a child again, as read that decided. So you show that learning is interesting and further repeat homework.

8. Do not learn the lessons for the child, so you repulse all his desire to learn. The fact that it goes bad, and you are given easier his task, clearly did not play the best role. This is just distract him from his work. Better Conversely, pretend it's something you do not understand and do not know. Kid, telling you feel like something is important to know how much fun and share knowledge.

9. Try to work out an individual daily routine for your child and stick to it. Do it nicely. Together, write hourly lessons a child on a nice sheet and hang it in his bedroom. First baby pidbihatyme and every time pidhlyadatyme, what to do in accordance with the regime, but in the future this will simply beat the rhythm of his life.

In any case, a positive attitude and your support will sooner or later change the child's views about education and teach properly allocate their time. Your efforts and attention must yield fruit. It's so nice to relax after a job well done.

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