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Psychological Health of a Woman: How to Avoid Pressure and Manipulation by Others and to Be Free

Розміщено : 27-04-2016, 23:34 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 256   
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A woman looks like she feels, and her feelings depend on many circumstances and factors. It is difficult to feel good while being under the pressure from other people. I.e. being under moral coercion. But it can be avoided by behaving in a certain way.

First of all, it is required to clearly define the boundaries of your own and others' lives and territory, both for yourself and for others, and to clearly inform them of these boundaries; and consistently to adhere to specified rules and boundaries. If you have said, that you do not permit to raise the voice while speaking with you, do not allow it, otherwise, your words and bans will be void.

Also, avoid people and situations that press on you and suppress you. The fight requires a lot of energy and often useless and hopeless, in most cases it will be easier and wiser to just walk away, to avoid this situation or meeting with someone.


You may not listen to the advice and words said to you and may not do what is required from you if you do not like it or it is not acceptable for you. You are free to choose. You can still do what you think is necessary, regardless of pressure, moral and psychological, applied to you.

Take care of the quality rest and relaxation. Being under pressure continuously or intermittently, our body and soul need rest and recovery, in order to have strength to resist, and if necessary, and to fight.

Positive emotions that will compensate for the negative impact of psychological pressure and its consequences are also important. Create them for yourself - engage in pleasant things, meet nice people, visit beautiful nice places. It will give you energy and strength.


Enlist the moral support of true friends that understand you. They may know about your problems, or may not know, but unknowingly support you, giving confidence and forming the so-called reliable rear, you can rely on.

Communicate with people who do not put pressure on you and respect you, with whom you feel freedom and easiness. This contrast will give you inner harmony; will give the incentive to remain free and not to yield to the pressure of mentally ill people.

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