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Whether is necessery to believe in superstitions?

Розміщено : 19-04-2016, 11:26 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 869   
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As we know, people during many centuries have been believing in superstitions. In many cultures there are also a black cat, both №13 and other. It seems paradoxical but today - in the century of scientific and technical progress - nobody is surprised by the person knocking any tree.
So we are surrounded by various superstitions and we accept them as something usual and sometimes just necessary in some life situation. It is possible to tell that we depend on superstitions which go often counter whith common sence and laws of logic. Was somebody reflected how much strong is this dependence and what danger can it represent?
Some superstitions allow us to hope not for our knowledge, abilities and forces, but for any supernatural force that is able to solve our problem. But if a problem is difficult and complex, this solving is certainly impossible without human`s taking a part.
 Whether is necessery to believe in superstitions?
For instance, among the students there are many superstitions about luck for passing exam: to put a coin under a heel, to not wash one day before an exam and other. It is known that students believe and use this signs. However not all of them are lucky and recieve good marks. What is it up to? Maybe a result of exam is connected with something else, for example with unlearned tickets? Another case: people having unsuccess in any business explain it with black cat crossing their path few days ago and brought them a bad luck.
So every our trouble we could explain like this. But let us reflect if really our problems have an unsuccessful trajectory of poor cat`s way as a reason, is it not a result of our own actions?
You see, some superstitions hurm our life the next way: they allow us to be lazy and encourage our irresponsibility, they make impossible comprehension of the mistakes and conduct to the incorrect conclusions that our acts and their results are not connected. Therefore here is a danger that superstitions are becoming justification of our weaknesses.
Let`s be thinking whether is so necessery to be in earnest of superstitions, maybe is better to be responsible for your own decisions and mistakes.
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