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How to love and that love can be bad weather

Розміщено : 3-10-2015, 09:04 | Категорія: Psychology | Переглядів: 199   
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Cold, damp, overcast. Dark clouds cover the sky, the rain has not stopped for a minute, and no strong wind. In such weather, say good dog owner will not release. But some people even like it all. I wonder why? Such weather like, or rather respected meteorologists. They know exactly what everything in the world subject to the idea of ​​global relevance. And what else can you love the bad weather? And who are these people?

Sadness about the past

All songs of farewell, farewell, unrealistic hopes a little similar. According emotions and ... the weather. The background must be raindrops, wet leaves, clouds, piercing cold. Such weather is associated with something irrevocable. That it resonates in the souls of poets, lyricists, and those who experienced divorce in the recent past and people prone to melancholy. Seeing the rain outside the window, they tend to retire and leave a little hurt. When clouds disperse, the poet will present his new creation, who survived the loss of willingness to finally feel a new life.

But the melancholic face serious problems in a relationship with a partner. Or resentment and alienation, or a real scandal. Because it wrong - grieve about unfulfilled love when a real, true close. And if the first stage of a relationship seems mysterious mood, attracts, it eventually begins, on the one hand, annoying the other - to inspire alarm. I do not want to ask specifically, it is still the same answer: "Yes, anything." And it's true. Melancholic can really be sad about things irrelevant. About unfulfilled, but not specifically and not in himself, but in general in the world. Even if specific memories, they did not talk about his dissatisfaction with life in the present. This need - to dream, to grieve, to remember.

Melancholic should take care that their love for the bad weather was correctly perceived close. You can say: "In the rain I always sad, I want to stand by the window."


People with dystymichnymy traits (increased demands on others, irritability) very similar to bad weather because they love it and so. Although this had not recognized. Quite the contrary - as horrible curse. With emotions, metaphors, similes. If cold, be sure to say that prodrohli to the bone or a tooth for a tooth does not fall. However, it is in bad weather they observed emotional lift. They become more active, more cheerful, though are in their element. Yes it is. Normally (favorable) conditions such people feel unimportant because they can not afford to behave as you want. That certainly can, but understand that from the outside it looks too aggressive. But in bad weather can be angry and swearing quietly - there is a reason, and common to all. The physical and psychological state improved self-esteem increases. But this, of course, only for discharge. A better adapt to good weather. Yet most people it is comfortable.

Those who know their temper and irritability should not miss any sunny day. Go out and say, "What a beautiful morning!" Then hurricanes in the shower will be less.


Some people love not in itself bad weather, and the possibility of her escape, sit in a comfortable chair, hiding blanket or curl up on the sofa, clutching a stuffed toy or a pillow. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Lying, enjoy the comfort, care of itself. Because none of this serene days they do not. Or is there, but too little. Not affection, warmth, touches, strokes. Not only communication that brings joy. Such people are generally inclined to search tactile pleasures through clothing, interior. Like fur, knitted sweaters, fluffy slippers. Of course, it is not always appropriate and not always possible. Will not we work to cuddle with teddy bear. Hide plaid, of course, you can at home, but on a sunny day it will have a very different effect - have to admit that I wanted to get into the hole for a reason, and of longing and sadness. Bad weather makes it possible not about what not to think. It is normal that the man in the rain and cold like heat. However, unfortunately, the possibility plaid limited. It smoothes expression of loneliness, but not deprive of it.

Instead kutatysya a blanket, better to go for a visit. Or walk. Or invite someone of your friends for a cup of tea.

All pozayetsya comparison

Residents of large cities suffer from mood disorders associated with weather, more often than rural. This is despite the fact that the weather they face and much less from its effects well protected. But it turns out this is the reason. Citizens do not feel bad not only events, but good. Less seeing the sun without notice zakatov not feel the fragrance of plants. They just do not have time to get from good weather all it takes charge of her energy. Therefore, it is depressive respond to its deterioration. Only one way out - more often in nature and make possible a green corner of the window.
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