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Wallpaper. What to choose

Розміщено : 25-01-2017, 23:41 | Категорія: Everyday life | Переглядів: 110   
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Wall still considered most popular finishing material for the walls. A wide range of colors and textures, excellent aesthetic quality, wide price range, the simplicity and ease of gluing are the main advantages that allow him to remain always in fashion.

Many types of Wallpaper allow small errors in the preliminary preparation of walls, do not require perfect alignment.

Wallpapers are like clothing for ladies can emphasize the dignity of our homes, to make it stylish and comfortable or in the wrong selection, spoil the overall impression. Because the choice of clothing "for the walls" must be approached with great responsibility.

In a specialty Wallpaper store buyer will find an incredible selection of types, shades and patterns. If the choice of colour is a matter of taste and aesthetic preferences, their form depends on the quality of finish, time and operating conditions. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the main types of not to get lost in all this variety.

The criterion for division of Wallpapers on the types have served their purpose and the materials of manufacture.
The Wallpaper of the paper

Paper Wallpapers need no introduction — this is the most common type of decoration of the walls from the times of our mothers and grandmothers. These Wallpapers are of different density (single and dual layer), they are just glued and breathe. Of the shortcomings — the need to change them every five to six years due to the fact that they quickly fade and lose their visual appeal. But in General, if you like the changes and don't be afraid of repairs, this deficiency can easily be a virtue, because these Wallpapers don't exactly have time to get bored. Paper Wallpaper — most economical option.
Water-repellent paper Wallpaper, Wallpaper under painting

After you paint the Wallpaper no longer "breathe". But (well-chosen) color of paint can make the room stylish and neat. These Wallpapers are more practical than regular paper. They can be repainted several times, paint defects, wipe with a damp sponge. Indispensable, if the family had a young artist. From pluses it is worth noting the eco-friendliness of Wallpaper — the best option for a child's room.
Vinyl Wallpaper

The most versatile of all the types. They represent a paper base with a vinyl coating of different densities, which give the Wallpaper extra strength and moisture resistance. They are resistant to washing, moisture and direct sunlight. Cons — the difficulty of gluing due to the large thickness and harmful emissions, if you use poor quality vinyl. Vinyl Wallpaper from leading European manufacturers ensures that in the manufacture of purified vinyl Wallpaper is used, which does not emit into the air of harmful substances.

 All vinyl Wallpaper can be divided into three kinds, differing method of production, appearance and value:

foam (volumetric) vinyl;
kitchen vinyl (supermolina Wallpaper)
flat vinyl (silkscreen).

Non-woven Wallpaper

Hypoallergenic, breathable, convenient to use, flexible, durable Wallpaper that you can paste over different surfaces (from concrete to wood). Non-woven Wallpaper are of two types: Wallpaper of the pure nonwoven fabric (you can use them for painting) and the non-woven Wallpaper covered with a layer of vinyl.

This material is long known and widely used in the garment industry, it is made by pressing paper and fabric fibers, which are strengthened with special knitting structures. Soaking glue, the Wallpaper does not change size and does not shrink after drying, very convenient to operate.

The disadvantage of non-woven Wallpaper is of the low resistance layer of textured mechanical damage.

Textile Wallpaper

Environmentally friendly, resistant to light and fire Wallpaper, has good heat and sound insulation. They are made by coating the non-woven or paper base fibers of natural or mixed fabrics. Depending on the material used for the upper textile layer of Wallpaper, such as viscose, flax, silk, and natural or manmade fibers, the final cost of textile wall coverings can vary significantly.

These Wallpapers look very festive and expensive. But they easily absorb surrounding odors, because they are not recommended for use in kitchens and in the habitats of heavy smokers. Care must be careful, you can wipe with a soft brush or a maximum of gently clean with a vacuum cleaner. From any damp manipulation of textile Wallpaper best avoided, there may be spots and stains that cannot be removed. The only exceptions are a separate collection of textile Wallpaper with a special water-repellent.

Mural is a Wallpaper with a certain story, often with real photographic images or reproductions of famous paintings, which are glued in a strict order like panels in addition to the usual background Wallpaper. Available on paper or non-woven in several parts, which are then going into one on the wall. The image quality from Wallpapers on non-woven basis is much higher, they are more resistant to mechanical stress and are not afraid of moisture.

Wallpapers can visually change the proportions of the room depending on the image. The road leading into the distance "moves the horizon", extending a room, open space (seascape, for example) visually expands the room. These characteristics should be considered when choosing this type of Wallpaper.

Liquid Wallpaper

This type of Wallpaper it is also worth paying attention to. In stores they are sold in the form of powder, applied as a paint or decorative plaster, but after drying have the form of smooth or embossed Wallpaper without joints and seams. The basis of this coating include cotton, cellulose, polyester, dyed natural fibers or artificial silk. That is fiber on the walls create the effect of fabric coverings. And the decorative elements (pearl, glitter, marble chips) will give the room elegance and extraordinary charm.

Depending on types of liquid Wallpaper, they will look like embossed soft paper, rigid foam or silk cloth made of tiny fibers.

These Wallpapers will are durable, good sound insulation, are not afraid of fire, keep warm and can be applied to any, even the most difficult surface. It should be noted also that the liquid wall have natural ingredients, and hence they are eco-friendly and non-toxic.
Cork Wallpaper

It is a novelty on the market of Wallpaper materials. The main advantage – good attenuation. Love to sing and dance to loud music, and the neighbors knocking on the battery? Cork Wallpaper is your choice! In addition they are made from natural material, hypoallergenic, antistatic. Minus: do not carry excessive moisture, you need varnish or wax.

What to choose – to decide the buyer, guided by their taste and characteristics of the room where you plan to hang Wallpaper.
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