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Why misted Windows and how to deal with it

Розміщено : 25-01-2017, 23:37 | Категорія: Everyday life | Переглядів: 118   
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In winter, on the Windows there is moisture. Sometimes the glass is slightly misted, sometimes moisture so much that the drops flow down and form puddles on the windowsill. Why is this happening and how to deal with it?

Condensation on Windows is normal. Abnormally, when it a lot. Wet the window, streaks on glass, water on the windowsill – this is not normal. This is a problem, it is necessary to struggle. And this problem is especially characteristic for modern plastic Windows. However, wooden double-glazed she, too, is peculiar.

Condensation on Windows by itself, harm is not. You just need to regularly clean the glass, frames and sills with a soft, dry cloth. Plastic, unlike wood, moisture is not destroyed. And than to wipe the window, the less they dust.

The danger in the other – with an excess of moisture there is mold. And mold is a very unwelcome guest in the house. To get rid of it difficult. And harm your health it can seriously. According to experts, most cases of chronic diseases of bronchi and lungs, allergic reactions of the respiratory system associated with the pollution of a residential zone by fungi.
Why do I get condensation on the Windows?

In the air there is always a certain percentage of water vapor. In the warm air these vapors can be many. When the temperature of the steam condenseries turns into droplets of water. We see their breath on a cold day, remove from the refrigerator a bottle of chilled beverages immediately misted in a warm room. This same phenomenon is observed on the Windows – in contact of the air with a cold glass part of the water vapor deposited on it in the form of condensate. In normal conditions, we should not notice – condensate appears, steam and Windows remain dry. Why in some apartments plastic Windows "cry" all the time?

Cold. Condensate will be much, if the glass is very cold. If you have installed a defective window profiles, thin single pane Windows would fog up. And with large frost – freeze. If you are installing plastic Windows should take into account the characteristics of its climate zone. You should not choose something cheaper.
 Humidity. Everyone knows that too dry air is harmful. But its excessive hydration leads to the fact that the Windows would fog up. People emit water vapor during respiration, water vapor plants. Cooking, wet cleaning, or Laundry tub – all this increases the humidity. Her need to control.
 The lack of ventilation. If there is air movement in the Windows, the condensation will quickly evaporate. This flow of air provides heating radiators located under the Windows. If this stream does not interfere with the wide window sills and thick curtains. Old wooden Windows were a little fogged for one simple reason – they had a lot of cracks through which came the cold air outside. The ventilation in the apartments is ensured in a simple way: the movement of air from the Windows to exhaust grilles in the kitchen and bathroom. This created a constant air circulation in the apartment. Plastic Windows are closed almost hermetically, it retains heat in the house, but destroys the ventilation system.

Environmentalists believe that in 99% of cases the formation of condensation on the Windows is a result of the disruption of normal ventilation in the room after the installation of plastic Windows. And this is a signal that the house is environmentally safe for the people living in it. Hermetically closed Windows make the apartment is in a sealed gas chamber, cut off from the outside environment.

Humans absorb oxygen through breathing emit carbon dioxide. Almost all building materials and furnishings emit harmful substances, even in very small quantities. In the air there is always the phenols, are often found formaldehyde, radon, benzene vapours. The amount of these substances is negligible, under normal air, it tends to zero and harm to human causes. But at normal room ventilation. And in its absence people suffer from headaches, irritability, insomnia, various allergies.

Fogging of the Windows suggests that in a sealed room periodically increased
humidity, then the water leaves the air and settles on the Windows. Normal air exchange not and it is dangerous to health.
How to deal with fogging Windows?

There are two main areas of the fight against fogging:

To improve the microclimate and air exchange of the house as a whole;
To prevent the process of condensation.

To make effective the ventilation is not as difficult as it seems. We just have this while a little common technology. Air flow can be arranged with the help of special devices — supply valves, which not only simulate "blowing" the old wooden Windows, but also exceeds it, as do dosed. And dosing the flow of air valves can both automatically and manually, and it is not consuming electricity. These valves can be installed separately and mounted in the window itself.

The release of contaminated vapors of moist air will be through the kitchen hood and vent in the bathroom. Without exhaust valves extractor does not work effectively. Fresh air needs some way to get to the apartment.

Local air circulation near the Windows provide a radiator or heated floor. So heated air rising from the battery, freely venelinova space of the window opening, you should get rid of the long heavy curtains and extra items on the window sills. Themselves window sills should not be too broad. Roller blinds in the lowered position, located close to the glass and prevent air exchange.

Humidity control should be permanent. Dampness in the bathroom, leaking pipes, damp basement, a leaky attic – all of this needs to be addressed. During cooking should always be turned on the cooker hood.

If condensation on Windows visible mainly in the morning and the rest of the time they are dry, the reason for this is the decreasing temperature of the night as outside (the window becomes colder) and internal (increased relative humidity). You can, of course, slightly increase the temperature by using heaters, but sleep better in a cool room. In this case, in the morning, thoroughly clean Windows, to avoid mold.

If the proposed measures do not help, you can change the glass in your Windows, installing energy efficient glazing with argon gas. Working principle of energy-saving glass is that the inner glass reflects heat flows from the room is heated. The inner glass energy-saving glass has a temperature above the normal glass is 3-4%, which reduces the risk obrazovaniya condensation on the Windows.

And one should never forget the need for ventilation. It affects not only the Windows, but most importantly — health.
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