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When you need to bring down high fever in a child?

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 00:29 | Категорія: Health | Переглядів: 125   
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And to knock if the child has a temperature? High temperature is primarily a defensive reaction, and reduction in its level are not always justified.

Many viruses and bacteria no longer multiply at the temperature of 37-38 degrees, increasing the absorption and digestion of bacteria, aktiviziruyutsya lymphocytes -- blood cells involved in fighting infectious agents.

Interferon is a protein with antiviral action is allocated only when the temperature is 38 degrees.

Help your baby will need when the thermometer rises above 38 degrees, And in this case you need to call your pediatrician. Early to reduce the degrees is not recommended, so as not to interfere with the operation of defense mechanisms. Enough to improve the heat transfer: opening child, wipe with water at room temperature, let the water dry without wearing the baby (if evaporation increases the heat), put the wet cold towel on his forehead. Lowering the temperature only improves health, but does not affect the cause of the disease.

But often a situation where before the arrival of the doctor is necessary to give the child antipyretics:

source healthy children older than 3 months at a temperature of above 38 degrees (in armpit);
at temperatures above 38 children with perinatal Central nervous system damage, heart defects, genetic anomalies of metabolism;
at temperatures above 38 children who have previously experienced convulsions on the background of increasing temperature;
at any temperature, accompanied by pain, pallor, severe malaise, impaired consciousness.

Choose medication based on paracetamol. If the temperature will jump above 39 degrees, you can use products, containing ibuprofen.

By the decision of Pharmacopiea RF analgin and aspirin is contraindicated in children under 16 years of age. They can cause damage to hematopoietic system, liver and kidneys. Children also contraindicated aminopyrine, antipyrine and phenacetin in relation to their adverse effects on the hematopoietic system, the probability of provocation of seizures.

A second dose of motrin the drug can be given only after the new increase in temperature to the above level, but no earlier than four hours.
Diet ailing child

While the child has a high temperature try more water than feed. He is now a useful boiled water, weak tea, broth hips, juice. If the child has not lost his appetite, feed little and often (every three hours) liquid and semi-liquid products porridge, mashed boiled and pureed vegetables and fruits, steam scrambled eggs, pudding, cottage cheese. If the child has no appetite, do not force him to eat.

If the child has a sore throat, exclude from the diet of spicy, salty and sour food.

If the child is very young and eats with difficulty, can mix different products: cheese, mix with yogurt, vegetable soup with mashed potatoes and meat sauce with vegetable stew or gruel.

The most unpleasant consequences of the heat — dehydration.

If the temperature rises above 37 degree, each new mark on the thermometer will mean that the child will have to give 10 ml of fluid for every kilogram of weight.

The yogi exercise for strengthening the immune system of the child

Autumn is the season of colds, so it's time to strengthen the neuro-muscular system and enhance its resistance to wet weather. It is enough to spend just a few minutes a day gymnastics Indian yogis.

Stroke his neck with gentle movements of his right hand to the left ear. Do the same with the left hand to the right.
Pat gently in a vertical direction of the throat and upper breast, first the left, then the right hand. Strokes, upward, should be a bit stronger down — a bit weaker.
Easy clap a hand over his neck and upper chest.
 Speak softly vowel sounds: a-I, o-e, u-e, s-e-E.
Repeat these sounds silently, trying to open wider the throat (not the mouth).
Tilt your head down, then lift and fold back. Hold it a few seconds straight and then turns the tilt right and left as close as possible to the shoulder.
Turn your head alternately left and right, trying to touch the shoulder with the chin.
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