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How to detect health problems as nails

Розміщено : 19-09-2016, 19:02 | Категорія: Health | Переглядів: 203   
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Sometimes it does not necessarily recorded in all the clinic to detect health problems. In most cases, the body itself gives us clues. The main thing - to be able to see them and understand them. Today we tell about the health of nails and how their condition to determine the threats looming over your body.

Learn the basics of diagnosis

At the beginning of the last century scholar G. Shinner conducted her research on unusual ways to diagnose diseases and concluded that in healthy hands often with pink nails smooth normal form. Too large "crescent" and his complete lack of evidence of heart problems, a lack of job Lung said their extra bulge signal of bowel problems can be considered appearance to them some inclusions and stripes. State nails will recognize alcoholism, diabetes and even cancer. But if you know for sure that serious health problems you do not, you still try to ignore the situation.

Note brittle nails

If you have brittle nails, which are also still sharuyutsya, one conclusion is - your body lacks calcium, minerals and vitamins. This shortage can be triggered by pregnancy or a number of other ailments. Try two weeks to use calcium. If any changes you replace, pass examination by a doctor. But remember: if brittle nails accompanied by a number of other painful symptoms, immediately contact the hospital and not waste time experimenting with self.

Caring Hands

On the way a person looks after their own hands, we can understand it as the nail plate and cuticles. At risk are put people over time without gloves work with aggressive media and water. There also can be attributed housewives who daily use the special dish detergent, ignoring the advice written on them. As a result - their hands are rough, and nails break and sharuyutsya.

Protect hands

In "wet" and "harmful" mode, the first thing you should do - is to take care of hand protection. Your constant companions should be a special protective cream and gloves. In addition, from time to time make baths and masks their hands. Use this for you and "improvised" material - vegetable oil, boiled potatoes and sour cream.

Treat Nail care

Remember that using nail polish remover and metal nail files containing acetone, you apply tremendous damage your nails. Do not even try to use nails as screwdrivers or openers - so you will not only spoil manicure, but they can cause big damages after a long time will heal.

Caring for your nails regularly

Make it a rule that in his hands as the face, care should be systematically and comprehensively. At least regularly cleaned, trimmed nails and rasp. Ideally also need nail polish, cover them with varnish, which have a therapeutic supplement to prevent breakage, disintegration of nails and helps them strengthen, and use special creams and masks bought in a beauty store or made at home using recipes of traditional medicine. The cuticle also require special care: regular trims them and live with special oils.

Properly do manicures

For manicure use only glass or crystal wand. Do not use paint too often. It is believed that paint your nails need no more than once a week.

Now you know how to recognize the language of their nails. Listen to our advice on nail care - and they talk only about your health!

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