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How to deal with children's aggression?

Розміщено : 26-09-2015, 14:39 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 173   
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To the child is not increased aggressive and evil should pay attention to the parenting style of his early childhood. This article provides some tips to parents.

Never walk with a child in the imperative tone, as he will be in constant tension, and it, in turn, will cause his aggression. Do not punish your child physically, because it is also relevant, though invisible at first, aggression. Nastorozhitsya, if the baby during games punishes and beats his favorite toy and explains their behavior that bad bunny or bear himself led. Do not copy your child? It is worth considering.

If your child you had called, then answer this aggressively is required. Crying or hitting it in response to this, you show that you can beat the others, if they are weaker. Then one should not be surprised if the hands of your offspring will suffer defenseless animals or children younger than his age. We must respond strictly, but not cruel.

Children 3-4 years old do not let viewed cartoons of superheroes, while the younger students while watching this type of film slightly reduce. Do not turn on the TV, when there is "undesirable" channel, as if the child has already started to watch the cartoon, then convince him to move away from the screen will not be easy. To view the militants and elements of horror films from select when a son or daughter not around.
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