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Not poison their children! Teach children the basic rules of hygiene

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 08:20 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 169   
Watch the video at the end of the article
Sometimes you can see the typical for the present day picture: a young mother gave the child three first chips, then coke, followed by station pasties, plus the baby took everything without wipes, with his bare hands, which then crawl under a seat... Tell the mothers of these children what can happen with the body of the child in such relationship to food!

While all people from childhood not teach basic rules of hygiene, infectious disease specialists have a long time to be without work. No matter how strong a human immune system (still immature in young children), he cannot cope with the amount of infection. There are no vaccinations will not help!

Many parents, having heard all sorts of controversial opinions, choose not to create children sterile conditions, naively believing that thus they make the child something like a natural vaccination against all infections. So, carelessness and untidiness illiterate elementary parents meet with the "modern" look too advanced mom and dad. And in between sick children, and not only of acute infectious diseases and helminth infections, but also allergies, dermatitis, digestive disorders that will remain for life!

And of course, chips, salted nuts, crackers, fried pies, pasties, sugary fizzy drinks, fast food, canned food, all products with "E"-additives, TRANS fats and isomers cause irreparable damage to the child's body. And if the child, after eating such surrogates will not eat normal food, he will not receive a mass of vital nutrients.

Mom really cares about the future of their child, not only won't feed him such crap, but will ALWAYS carry in your purse wet and dry wipes, a bottle of drinking water and a bottle of disinfectant for hands, but their selection is huge for every taste and budget.
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