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Advice of a child psychologist: how to help children be more confident and more successful

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 08:17 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 158   
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Tips child psychologist moms

A few tricks that have helped many children become confident and successful.

1. Often we say to kids: "do not play", "don't shout". Children, as a rule, the particle "not" is omitted can't hear her. It is better to tell the child to "play quietly", "speak low". A little more positive in everything!

2. If the child is afraid that something will not work, use word-approval. For example, if your child is preparing to pass exams and worries, before each exam, say with the child: "Everything I do, I'll do it!" Exams bubut put better, though, because you remove the stress with a positive attitude. Proven and tested - so do not believe after that in the power of words!

3. Some children are told that they can not do anything. Write the list of his achievements. Hang it in a prominent place and once a week adds new achievements. Your child really will see that it can be many things. This will give him confidence.

4. Use the posters. That was the case: the youngest daughter of one of the women moved to another school. Study got worse, lost interest in studies. Mother and daughter made up little signs: "I'm bad at math!", "I write beautifully and correctly!" etc. Every morning before leaving his daughter to school, a woman asked her to read the words out loud. Some time later came the first success: the girl was happy to do homework.

5. Praise works wonders. Don't believe? Even if your child does something not so good as you think, it is still praise! The support of loved ones is important.

6. Compare the child's results are only his own. Do not say that someone writes or reads better. If he has the letters in different directions, it is better to say "for once, you don't know how to write, and now I can."

7. Regret and hug their kids as often as possible. One mother believed that her oldest daughter was big, and didn't pay attention to it. When the woman started for no apparent reason to hug and say that he loves her daughter was holding back. And now the daughter comes up to the woman and says, "Mom, I love you!"
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