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Questions about head lice. What to do if your child gets lice

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 08:16 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 166   
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1. Lice like Sluts?

It is actually exactly the opposite. Of all the goals they choose the tidy and pleasant-smelling, because clean hair is easier to cling, to drink the blood. No educated and clean person cannot be insured on a case: lice are very prolific and easy to catch.
2. What places us in danger?

You can become infected by close contact with affected people, while exchanging hats, scarves, underwear, combs: lice have claws on the lanky, and they have well-developed grasping reflex. The spread of lice contributes to the overcrowding of people in one place, living in poor sanitary conditions, lack of hygiene. Head lice infestation usually occurs in children, the peak incidence occurs in 7 to 14 years, and girls become infected with the bowl.
3. Is it true that head lice can get sick from the experience of stress?

No such assumption is warranted. Man cannot be a carrier of the parasite, it is not a germ or virus that can be activated under certain circumstances. Although stress contributes to this, as it leads to reduction of protective functions of the organism.
4. Other than the unpleasant itching and brushing are at risk?

Because of the itching there are often secondary skin diseases, pustular lesions, dermatitis, skin pigmentation, some develop an Allergy. Body lice can carry and infections such as relapsing fever, chronic lymph-dinopedia...
5. How to protect yourself and children?

It's very simple: regularly change underwear and bed linen, only use your own comb, a hat, clothes, towel, bedding, sleep on your pillow and put them in the house, teach to the children... carefully check the child's head after returning home from camp, sanatorium and school.
6. And smearing his temples with lavender oil, hair coloring and soap to wash?..

It has long been believed that lice "bad attitude" to the smell of tea tree, lavender and soap. Paint is really detrimental effect on parasites, but the fact that it will destroy them completely, no guarantees will not give.
7. How to defeat the intruders?

The best way is to shave off his hair, but it is unlikely someone will take advantage. You can seek help from a doctor, to resort to popular recipes or ask the right drug in the pharmacy. The safest and most efficient for today — "Permethrin", "Metrical", "Pair Plus". To apply them it is necessary strictly according to instructions, observing the basic rule: be sure to lightly RUB the remedy into the hair roots. When they dry out, will only remove dead parasites with the help of the common scallop, and the egg to remove manually. Combing, alas, it may take several days.
Popular recipes against lice

 50 g of grated Laundry soap and 1/4 Cup of kerosene to pour 900 ml of water. Using the tampon apply it to your hair and tie your head with a cotton scarf. In 1-2 hours, rinse, rinse hair in a 5% strength solution of vinegar. Repeat the procedure in 7-10 days.
Grind into mush the garlic and RUB into the scalp. After 15-20 minutes rinse your head with cool water and wash. The procedure is repeated through the day until the complete extermination of lice and nits.
 Pick fresh sage, pass it through a meat grinder and mix the pulp with vaseline (1:3). RUB ointment into the scalp 1-2 times a day; 1.5 h after the procedure, wash your hair.

But epidemiologists are critical of the proposed "people's recipes". "Old-fashioned" methods of dealing with lice, like bathing the head with gasoline or kerosene, have long been recognized as barbaric as they hurt the skin and spoil the hair. As for garlic and wormwood, no harm from them. Someone helps and regular rinsing with Apple cider vinegar
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