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How to help your child to recover through games

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 08:07 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 137   
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The child melting down? Try to beat colds and other illnesses your child by using play therapy! If your child is ill, make him the most comfortable conditions: eliminate all unnecessary noise, turn off the too bright electric light.

In magazines for dad and mom from time to time glimpses of recommendations about what to take off the baby. The suggestion is to give him the disc with "Luntik" or "Harry Potter", to give a bag of chips or popcorn, pour a Pepsi and go about their business in the full confidence that in the coming hours, the child won't bother you. Follow these tips should not already at least because for a long teleseen — too much load on the child's nervous system, weakened by illness, and the chips and popcorn — the food is too rough for delicate and sensitive stomach, even when the baby is healthy.
The game is the best way to maintain a good mood ill kid

Remember the commercial: "Anton had a fever and it for a few days staying at home!" — mother says into the phone in a tragic whisper. A moment ago the baby could not lift head from the pillow and suddenly after spoon miracle cure started a race with a dog! In the life of children not recovering as fast as on the screen, but they want to play no less! You only need to know how and what to do with them during the illness so bed rest was not the child a burden, and children's illness passed quickly.

Special experiments conducted by psychologists confirm: immunity to infections and the ability to resist them, higher vigorous and cheerful children, and the game is the best way to maintain a good mood. So, if sick baby for a long time cherished dream of a cherished toy, it's time to make him a gift!

But note: it must be the same, vimochana they toy one. Even if you really want to give to the child pleasure, do not load with presents it all in a row, that will get you by the hand in the "Children's world"! The abundance of new toys depletes the nervous system of the sick child and may delay his recovery.
In bed and playing with baby in bed

The doctor said that the child will have to spend a few days in bed? Anything you can play lying down! Let him near the baby will be sore for a favorite doll or stuffed toy. He rather drink tasteless medication, if you first fly with a spoon, a Teddy bear and conjuring with an eyedropper over the ear plush rabbit, would rather put the drops into his own.

What toys to choose? Better soft, silent, lightweight and not very large. Whirring machines, walking along under the siren robots transformers, cars with roaring engines and flashing lights, crying in a loud voice doll, bright and bulky giants plush now irrelevant. When feeling unimportant, I want to extinguish the light, turn the volume down, saturated and loud colors hurt my eyes.
The game, like medicine, you need to choose depending on the disease

 So the child is less bothered by the attacks of exhausting cough in colds, bronchitis, or whooping cough, it needs to be all the time busy. Passionate about the game, the children forget about the cough. If the child has no high temperature, prepare a small tub with warm water. Let it bathe the dolls, let the ducks and boats. Given that dry air (namely so it is during the heating season in our homes because of the hot battery) irritates the Airways and can cause an attack, and hydrated, in contrast, has beneficial effects on the breathing and calms the cough, playing with warm water is truly healing for the sick baby.
 In influenza, SARS, asthma and any other respiratory system disease do not allow children to mess around on the floor, even if it has wool carpet and the room no drafts. Indeed, during these games, the child usually sits on his haunches, crouched and clenching his chest. This posture makes breathing more difficult, impairs circulation and respiration, preventing the recovery.
 If the child complains of a sore throat with pharyngitis, tonsillitis and scarlet fever, and rinsing it doesn't, this is a skill that can also be turned into child's play. Give daddy, grandma and other family members a glass of warm water together and gargle around the basin. All kind show what you're doing: throw back his head, loudly burkeite. For the baby this is a game, and soon he will be able to copy your actions. First pour in a glass of simple boiled water, then weak infusion of chamomile or sage. It is important that the liquid was not unpleasant to the child and not caused a gag reflex which is very strong at an early age. If he came to insist on the procedure should not be.
 Varicella, atopic dermatitis and other manifestations of skin allergies, when the child is not haunted, intense itching, useful toy that can occupy the child's hands, so he did not brush the problem areas. Let carves, builds tower of wooden designer laid mosaic patterns or puzzles, fold origami, satisfied with home performance with glove puppets of bibabo. Entering the role, the kid is not only forgets about the itch, but also learns how to Express their thoughts and stuttering children start talking without a hitch.

The Council

Do not give your child a lot of toys at once. If they are in a mess scattered on the bed, and then collapse on the floor, bed rest will not work. In this case it would be good to come up with some kind of fairy tale with participation figures on the magnets, which are mounted on a metal Board, they will not fall and will not get lost in the folds of the bed. Useful and small portable table that I put on the bed.

What else, apart from toys, you can take lying in bed child? Let cuts and pastes to an album of pictures from magazines, draw or paint, stringing beads, making jewelry for the New year... Classes a lot — there are plenty to choose from on the soul and forces.
Your child is not currently placed to play?

Still does not take away toys — it may disappoint him to tears. Let it be within sight, even if forces in the game, interest in the darlings of the left.

Playground for kid

These exercises are performed in the form of a game right in the bed will help postupivshaya baby to recover faster and avoid bronchitis, asthmatic reactions and other complications of respiratory infections.

Turtle. Let's imagine that on the back of his shell, and pulls his head into his shoulders like a turtle, straining neck muscles. Count to 5, ask the child to lower the shoulders and relax.

Spring. May lie on back and squeeze Cams. Stronger, even stronger... And then unclenches them and shake hands like they're made of cotton. Ask the child to stretch out your legs, and raise them to 3-5 cm and stretch the muscles, then lower them and relax.

The Nutcracker. Let the child moves the lower jaw forward and backward, and then relax it with the tongue to the "cotton" state.

Cloud. Putting your baby to sleep, ask them to breathe slowly and deeply, imagining warmth and comfort, enveloping him from head to toe. Inhale and exhale should be free, but you need to think only about sleep.
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