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Fun contests for kids at the festival. Preparing for the holiday

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 08:06 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 173   
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Try not only to please but also to surprise the kids. Throw a homemade carnival!

To the new year's holiday was fun, gather more people (neighbours, friends, parents of other kids). So it will be interesting. Santa Claus, snow maiden and search for different characters in your team. The costumes are manufactured from scrap materials, buy or rent (but remember: the closer you get to December 31 — will be two to three times more expensive).

Try to detail you gave: you can drastically make up the Pope, under Santa Claus, and the child will pay attention to familiar shoes or coat. If we are to be transformed, radically!
So we start the fun...

Through advance planning with poems, songs and competitions maiden (host) and her assistants, for example Tiger and Bunny — symbols of passing and coming years, invite all the children to have fun. Kids in carnival costumes perform with their rooms, lead dances, play (below we will offer various competitions, but in any case, thinking through the scenario of the holiday, be sure to consider the age of the children).

There comes a time to call Santa Claus, and he doesn't respond. What happened? Suddenly from him, a letter arrives and the magic box. It turns out that he was detained by the snow Queen, and to break free from her spell, you need to find the magic wand.
The letter is a mystery to call Santa Claus

Make it bright and beautiful. Clearly write the job (according to age of kids) and start to implement. For example, children sit in a circle and the music started to send each other a box. As soon as the music stops, whoever she is, pulls out a large envelope. The message is written (it reads the snow maiden): split up into groups or handing out to everyone (it all depends on the number of children) from letters to envelopes is smaller. Big puzzle from which you want to collect cartoon characters (you can draw pictures yourself, or pasting from books to cardboard and cut into shaped pieces). The first letter in the name of the character — the key to the mystery, where is the magic wand. For example, Hedgehog, lunatic, Carlson and artemonas. According to the first letters make a word TREE. Her children and find a stick, wave it — and there is Santa Claus with long-awaited gifts.


Try to get all the gifts were of equal value. One should never give one child a balloon and a soft toy. Better, for example, to give the boys toy cars or toy soldiers, and girls — dolls, clip or something for drawing. Let gifts, however, as the Christmas suits will be a little bit more. Then the child will have the opportunity to choose, and dissatisfaction will arise.

Do not try to cook a very expensive gifts. Importantly, there were many of them: all those invited to the feast children and, in addition, incentive prizes for each contest. The occasion can be carried out in the yard, just select the appropriate competitions for the street. The main thing — not to bore the children, so the walk should be fun and short.

In order not to provoke conflict situations during games and competitions, remove the competitive moment. Everybody wins, and gifts get everything.

If someone from children in the midst of tired and refuses to play, give him a break. Preallocate a small place (you can label it with a blue Mat), but in the same room where the feast, and find an adult who would pay attention to a tired baby. And that he could again engage in common action, it is good to have a little break. Everyone go to relax in the "blue corner". This will help a "lonely" child again to feel the General mood and feel free to get back in the game.
Fun contests for kids at the festival
1. Children's competition "the Confusion"

Divide the children into two teams. You will need two large sheets of paper. On each draw (advance) the head of a man, animal, bird. Fold the sheet so that you can see only a piece of the neck, the next player draws the torso, folds down, then the limbs etc. now, expand the pictures and see what happened. Rest assured, it will be very fun.
2. Children's competition "the Net"

Two kids hold hands and catch the others. Caught up with someone, put his hands upon him, as a dragnet that he ended up right in the circle. And then the three of us catch the next "fish". Everyone is caught becomes the "net", and so on until the last player.
3. Children's competition "the Owl and the beasts"

Among children the girls selected it, it will be an owl. The rest — animals: mice, squirrels, frogs... the Presenter gives the command: "Day!" — all run and jump. "Night!" — all freeze owl flies out to hunt. Who moves or laughs, becomes driving.
4. Children's competition "Go blind"

Each of two players bag with different clothes (best when involved half of the children in the two-man team, but the rest of them sick, then they swapped). Everyone is blindfolded, and the team, they begin to get dressed. Task — make it quick (5 min.) and correctly.
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