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The first child's Bicycle. How to choose and how to teach

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 00:40 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 155   
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The Cycling season opens. What a pleasure to go to the Park with the whole family! But to your child it was easy to ride, buying a bike should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

Ride, to feel like a real hero, conqueror of roads, to be in the spotlight of their peers — this is the dream of almost every child. Well, unlike many other children's "want" is desire is more than commendable, because the trips on the "iron horse" allow you to improve your health. Take massive attack contemporary students — a violation of posture. The need to stay in the saddle, leaning on the steering wheel, unloads the spine, leaving it in good shape. In addition, Cycling strengthens the heart and blood vessels, improve metabolism and contribute to the saturation of the body with oxygen, of course, if riding in the Park, but not near the highway. And that bike ride turned into bruises and injuries, you need to choose the right bike.
My very first bike

The first bike a child may appear as early as the second year of life: age limit for models for the little ones — 1-3 years. But this does not mean that at 12 months a baby should be put in the saddle: a real future star "Tour de France" will be ready to meet his first great not earlier than 15 months. And choosing the bike, you need to consider that he is also half stroller — hence the selection parameters.

In fact, the chances of that on this bike the child will begin to move on their own, not so much.

Even those parents whose kids still learn how to pedal before the age of three years, initially will have to roll their own. Hence, the main requirement for such bikes — the handle, for which it carries an adult should be comfortable height and allow you to control the wheel.

There are many inexpensive models, from which the handle allows you to push the bike with the child in front of him, but you can't steer. And in this case, each clumsy movement of the wheel, which will make the baby, will create problems: you will have to constantly bend over and straighten the wheel by hand, or command the child, trying not to be angry with the little steering. Better discomfort to insure themselves in advance.

Like stroller, first bike needs seat belts, footrests (removable or folding better) and back (preferably soft and laid back). If the child doesn't want to pedal, it needs to be able to put somewhere feet, not drag them along the ground. No harm will stop rotation of the front wheels and the trunk. The first does not give the baby too sharply to turn the steering wheel will allow you to take a walk favorite toys and shovels with buckets.

But that will be appreciated by all young cyclists, without exception, are various buttons, lights, music and other entertainment on Board.

Better when the pedals are underneath the seat (like adult bikes), these same three-wheeled, they often shifted forward and is located on the front wheel.

The first bike of a kid — in fact a kind of stroller,so from time to time parents have to carry on. Don't forget to check about the bike: it's better when in a disassembled state it occupies a minimum of space. In this case, the carriage in the car and storage in the winter will be easier.

For four years it is better to give the birthday boy a more serious camera. Talking about the bike like "Friend" — it should be a two-wheeled transport with the ability to attach two training wheels in the back. Wrong be buying a bike with the ability to switch speeds. The child would still just go to learn, and then there's the extra headache with the gear! It is important that the drive mechanism of the wheels was as simple and hidden from the public eye, that is, instead of multiple sprockets better if the sight is only a plastic cover that protects the circuit. This will allow not to worry about what pants kid "gum chain" and he will cut your finger, understand the intricacies of the mechanism.

Comfortable and safe for child Bicycle

No sense in prematurely to force the child to remove additional wheel: pressed on it, you ensure that the baby will begin to perceive the Bicycle as something hostile. Well, in order for the baby belonged to the bike as our hobby, to choose the most convenient model. It should be easy, to just drive and he could, if necessary, easily lift your bike. Moreover, a light bike is safer in the fall. Also less traumatic will be the bike with the lowest possible frame.

Naturally, to get comfortable behind the wheel will help adjust the steering wheel and the seats, but they are all models, so this can hardly be considered a selection criterion. But the wheels may well be such a criterion. Optimum tire diameter for that age is 16 inches. Their width depends on where you primarily will ride the child. Narrow, more suitable for pavement, wide for country roads. Better if the wheels are rubber with the ability to swap to ride on such a bike is more pleasant and easier. The same applies to metal pedals — they are easier to handle than plastic, and slip less. The wings are also better than metal — frequent falls (and where without them?) quickly the plastic will break, metal will wrinkle. Latest preschool bike (5-7 years) for a child should be a model with wheels diameter 20 "- 24". It will allow you to develop greater speed and easier to overcome obstacles. The hand brake may already be present in the equipment, but still most of the work must take on foot.
You will pedal and grow

In principle, if the child is well kept in the saddle, you can buy a model with the ability to switch gears. Well, if you plan on off-road outings, take a look at the bike with shock absorber.

Since all further bikes your child will have simply reduced versions of the adult models, the selection criteria will not differ from those that guide you, picking up the bike myself.

One of the most popular classes of bikes for children over 8 years is a sporty BMX bike with 20-inch wheels with wide deep profiled tires. The main nodes borrowed from the adult Bicycle, and have a high margin of safety. The high arrangement of the carriage and provide a shortened wheelbase this bike high cross on the road.

If your family decided to join the extreme sports can purchase mountain bikes. They are beauty two main types: hardtail and suspension. Hardtail translates as "hard tail", and it was named so because it has no rear shock. This bike is perfect for freeride and slalom, but too risky for a teenager. So beginning extreme it is better to opt for a more relaxed suspended models are equipped with two shock absorbers to dampen shocks and ensure comfortable ride even on rough terrain. In General, the choice of the Bicycle is quite fascinating, the main thing — to find out in advance what your child wants, or better yet, take the future owner with you to the store. Let him decide.
How to choose a bike for a child?

The best option is the one that is suitable for growth and is selected based on the capabilities of the young athlete.
Bike for preschooler

A two-wheeled bike with the ability to mount two safety wheels in the rear is optimal for 5-6-year-olds.
Bike for a child 8-11 years

Almost "adult" bike with hand brake and shift mode 12 speeds please the older guys.
Bicycle for teenager

Tourist velosiped with 26-inch wheels allows you to ride on asphalt and on forest paths.

Helmet and arm cover is not an accessory but a necessary remedy. Never fall still will not work.

Knee pads should be fitted with a plastic Cup. For ventilation they made a small hole.
Master class training Biking

The ability to ride a bike — a variant of the conditioned reflex. Times learning to ride, the child will never forget how to ride.
1. The first acquaintance

First you need to get a feel for how the "machine" keeps the balance in motion. Let the young rider take a hand in the saddle and behind the wheel, hold the Assembly in a vertical position, will be 150-200 meters.
2. Learn to pedal

The saddle is set very low so that you can get to the ground with their feet. At this stage it is important to learn to keep balance. Help your child by supporting the bike by the trunk. Just don't drive instead!
3. Learn to turn

As soon as the drive straight to work, you can start to learn turns. First, let make turn with a large radius without a strong tilt bike to the side. Then the radius of the turn decreases.
4. Anchoring skill

When the child has mastered the basics, ask him to drive 80-100 meters, slow down, turn around and come back. Once this begins to happen without problems and stops — consider to ride it learned.
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