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How to choose a kindergarten for your child? What you need to pay attention

Розміщено : 26-01-2017, 00:36 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 115   
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In the life of every mother there comes a time when the child becomes a social being: now he is passing his "first universities" is not in the sandbox under your supervision or under the watchful eye of grandma and one preschool educational institutions, which, incidentally, are of three types: state (state), municipal (or DOU MOU) or non-governmental, or private (LEU). There are also family kindergartens, have a dual status — they are open to support families with many children and work at her place, family accommodation, but are subdivisions of state kindergartens. In General, there are plenty to choose from.

The first and most important rule — do not be afraid to trust your own flesh and blood of other people's aunts from state agencies or the "greedy traders". There is excellent learning outcomes and a comfortable stay in Goa and NOH as well as the absence of problems with certification and transition into regular schools from the "private sector." So it is wiser to make a choice on the principle "where the child will be more comfortable".

Kindergarten state from your childhood

If the yard of your house is a garden with a fungus is a sandbox and touching-a ragged dwarf, familiar to you since childhood, you are a lucky man. Your child will be good there because you can get there on foot, went to "little mother" to the baby will be surrounded by friends who carried them around in strollers.

An important advantage of public kindergarten, incidentally, is the schedule of work "together with the whole country". That is, it will not announce unexpected holidays don't have to place the child in the event of a transfer of work and holidays usually there is a summer group. Although, if your work schedule is beyond the standard "9 to 18:30", schedule "for all" can turn into a huge headache: educators, like the majority of those who receive a fixed salary, cherish their right to go home on time.

In addition, you have to deal with a large number of children in the group, a standard set of classes, and not too varied diet. State institutions generally operate according to time-tested standards — building training program M. A. Vasilyeva (which includes pre-school: language development, arithmetic, manual work, singing lessons), and the food was methodical instructions I. Y. Horse, that is, soup, main (usually meatballs and mashed potatoes), stewed fruit. All high quality and be useful, but without any frills.

Private kindergarten as an alternative to state

If the memories associated with attending the kindergarten, you are not too pleasant or you believe that your child still has to be "top level", try to give him a private institution. There will have to deal with this problem of choice: kindergartens — KNOW — offer a huge variety of possibilities.

From the point of view of the regime of visiting groups are divided into "day" (suitable for unemployed or self-employed mom), "group day" (preferable for mothers who are employed) and the "band - stay" (needed for the mom-leaders or mistresses of their own business).

If a private garden is a separate room, generally there runs your chef who will prepare delicious and varied. If NOU rents space from a public garden, it is likely that food will be organized like this: all the food in a regular garden, plus vegetables, fruits and juices. However, it is not the calories and proteins with fats and carbohydrates, and balance and taste. Good you can name a food that kids love. Better yet, if with a proper diet there is and enjoyable the ceremony of eating. In it, the ceremony reflected the spirit of the institution, if any.

Martial arts, foreign languages, services of a psychologist — this is an incomplete list of private garden. Do not be fooled by words, let's see how the staff interacts with children as they are sincere.
Is it good baby?
Nothing to worry about if:

child respect and do not "train";
the staff was flexible — a professional can not be categorical;
the teachers are passionate about their work, it does not work, and the work of their life.

Look for another daycare if:

the staff are greedy for money;
the administration is arrogant towards children and parents;
 from the doorway you began to tell me about how difficult it is to get into this institution.

What is taught in the kindergarten of the child

Kindergartens, regardless of their form of ownership, differ in educational programs, which adhere to the teachers. When selecting the institutions to give this matter special attention. The most common is the "Program M. A. Vasilyeva", "rainbow" and "School 2100".

The aim of the programme M. A. Vasilyeva, recommended by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation for use in DOH — comprehensive development of mental and physical qualities of children up to seven years in accordance with their individual characteristics.

The program enjoys a well-deserved recognition because it offers a clear, proven practices (1985) methods of preschool training and education.

"Rainbow" — a comprehensive program of education and development of preschool children, also recommended by the Ministry of education and adopted by many kindergartens of Russia. The most important components of "Rainbow" are the games and physical development, the formation of habits to a healthy way of life, providing mental comfort for each child.

Very popular program "School 2100", designed for children from three years to high school graduation.

This program puts in the forefront not the knowledge itself, and the ability to use it, it teaches the child to learn independently, to organize their activities, to obtain necessary information, analyze it, organize and practice. NOU expands the range of activities beyond the mandatory for the kindergarten program: swimming, martial arts, tennis, music, English, massage, control by the psychologist — this is not a complete list of features. But the key when making the decision will still be the notorious human factor: if the caregiver and babysitter in the group — people in their place, then everything else, in fact, it doesn't matter.

The daily duration of walking the children is not less than 4-4,5 hours. Organize a walk 2 times a day: in the morning — before lunch and the afternoon, after his NAP or before you leave home.

The best option, as practice shows, — the "Golden mean". The most correct approach is to own many methods, and to combine all the best of them.

The main thing — not the calories from fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and eating ritual. It displays the spirit of the institution. If he's there. of course.

In conclusion, a quote from the law on education adopted in our country in 1992. Article 18 of this law States: "Parents are the first teachers. They are required to lay the foundations for the physical, moral and intellectual development of the individual". And preschools are only "to help the family." And this is probably the most important thing that you need to know when choosing a kindergarten.
The algorithm for selecting kindergarten for the child
Step 1. Define search criteria

The Internet to find companies that interest you from the point of view of availability and cost.
Step 2. Narrows choice

Turn on "word of mouth": discuss selected kindergartens with other moms. Try to be objective and to take into account substantive and not emotional evaluation.
Step 3. Formed personal opinion

Visit your chosen places. In advance, make a list of your questions and try to find the answers. Talk to the Director and educator. Feel whether your values and views on parenting.
Step 4. Try together

Visit the kindergarten with your child. Participate in classes, in games, stay for lunch and a walk. Ask and listen to your child's opinion.
Step 5. Make a decision

If the decision is made and formalities are done, trust the teachers and let go of the situation. Your baby will be fine!
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