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That should not make parents towards their children

Розміщено : 17-09-2016, 09:18 | Категорія: Pregnancy and children | Переглядів: 88   
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Many parents do not realize how they raise their children in a harsh reaction and aggressive behavior. We recommend you pay attention to these vital points. Around here in this statement can be interpreted a statement typical of modern child:

1. Speak when we leave the house, phrases like: "You are where it's going? Just out of school and are you going? And the lessons? "
After these words, even if we go to cram Max algebra to kontroshy, it still will not admit this. Because we do not like it when parents know everything about us. And to hide from them at least some little thing gives us a sense of privacy and freedom.

2. Excessive worry for us and take care
Understand that after ten at night can attack us in the same way as at ten in the morning. Of course, roam the city at night is dangerous, but you tryasetesya for us so that they are ready not to lose the house or in plant tower without windows and doors. But what we learn life? Of course, you worried for us, but should not overdo.

3. criticize our tastes and style
When you understand that any piercing, red hair, tattoo - it is our expression. Do not think that you have poorly trained or we long to bring you mad. We just look, try something new, try to stand out. We love to shock and attract attention. So we feel and until otherwise can not ... I do not want.

4. In no case teaches us, compared to a
"This is our time ..." "I'm already in your years ...". Do you not clear: life goes on, and now - today, so let us live it our way, albeit not quite skillfully, but themselves.

5. Do not judge us, and try to understand
You do not like the music we vrubayem? And what do you want us to cut off vpid Baskov or Kirkorov gradually degradiruya? And the most you tried listening to modern rock or metal? Indeed, there is much to ponder.

6. Do not be threatened and strictly forbid something
Do not tell us, "Will you smoke, drink beer, I'll show you ...". You will achieve this is not nothing but protest and brutal words. After all, we all love and the whole protest against everything and for any occasion. And ... do exactly the opposite, as you say. Better somehow discreetly talk to us, simply explain when and why this can be done and when you should not. And we have come. After all, we are your children.

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